Try Apple Vision Pro for yourself (sorta) with the new visionOS SDK

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Apple has released the first iteration of its visionOS software development kit (SDK), enabling users and developers to bring its stunning new Apple Vision Pro headset to live ahead of release. 

"Starting today, Apple’s global community of developers will be able to create an entirely new class of spatial computing apps that take full advantage of the infinite canvas in Vision Pro and seamlessly blend digital content with the physical world to enable extraordinary new experiences," the company stated. "With the visionOS SDK, developers can utilise the powerful and unique capabilities of Vision Pro and visionOS to design brand-new app experiences across a variety of categories including productivity, design, gaming, and more."

Use Apple Vision Pro right now

Beyond the beginnings of creating great apps for Apple Vision Pro, the visionOS SDK lets all users simulate the AR experience of using the headset, giving you a flavor of what it will be like to wear Apple Vision Pro when it comes out next year. 

iMore's own Daryl Baxter has been impressed after just a few hours of use, even to perform mundane tasks like watching YouTube videos and browsing Safari. 

When it comes out next year Vision Pro will offer immersive environments for watching movies and TV shows, and it will feature collaboration tools and communication apps such as FaceTime. Gaming is also a big focus, with many iPhone and iPad apps available on the platform, as well as specialized VR experiences.

Apple Vision Pro features two 4K micro-OLED displays delivering 23 million pixels in detail. It features a glass front and a two-hour battery life on a single charge when using the external battery pack. Other exciting new features include spatial photos and videos that can be taken with an iPhone or Vision Pro, helping you to view memories in 3D. 

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