Gentlemen Coders announce RAW Power 3.0 for Mac and iOS

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What you need to know

  • Gentlemen Coders has announced RAW Power 3.0 for Mac and iOS
  • It claims to be the only app to include full support for Apple photo libraries on Mac and iOS.
  • It was developed by a former Apple engineer who worked on iPhoto and Aperture.

Gentlemen Coders LLC has announced its new app, RAW Power 3.0 for Mac and iOS.

In a press release they said:

Today, Gentleman Coders LLC, introduced RAW Power 3.0 for Mac and iOS, creating the first real option for serious photographers in the Apple ecosystem. RAW Power 3.0 is now the first and only third-party app to include full support for Apple Photos libraries on Mac and iOS, allowing photographers to rate and edit their images anywhere and any time. New features introduced today include flexible storage options, synchronized ratings and flagging for Photo libraries, support for on iOS, advanced auto enhance, LUT support and one-tap integration with the popular Halide camera app on iOS. RAW Power 3.0, developed by Nik Bhatt, a former Apple engineer who led the iPhoto and Aperture teams, is available for download today on the Mac and iOS App Stores.

Developer Nik Bhatt stated:

"RAW Power has gained a strong following among serious photographers for its unique control over Apple's RAW engine, combined with its robust and easy-to-use editing tools... Until now, people in search of more functionality had to commit to a proprietary library, a subscription-based model, or both. RAW Power 3.0 is a game-changer. RAW Power gives photographers flexible storage options, while also building essential features on top of Photos and iCloud. Photographers get must-have tools that integrate directly with the photo library they are already using."

On macOS, RAW Power 3.0 works with Photos library so that photographers can store their files on their desktop or inside Apple Photos. It has support for browsing albums and folders and all changes are instantly applied to your system's photo library and iCloud. It also adds a rating and flags interface to Photos, allowing you to improve organization. The macOS app will cost $39.99 or is a free upgrade for Raw Power 2.0 users.

On iOS, you can manage photos in Photos or in You can also import images from an SD card directly into the app. The ratings and flags system also works here. RAW Power for iOS 3.0 is $9.99, or free for current RAW Power iOS customers.

It requires iOS 12 or 13, or macOS Mojave or Catalina. You can find out more about RAW Power 3.0 here.

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