Amazon Echo 3rd GenSource: Jeramy Johnson / iMore

What you need to know

  • Amazon Echo and Fire TV devices in Germany now support Apple Podcasts.
  • The same feature has been available in the United States for a while.
  • Your podcasts are just a simple request away.

Update, October 8 (12:00 pm ET) Mr. Bader of Android Central fame tells me this is now working in Canadia land, too!

People in Germany can now take advantage of Apple Podcasts integration within Amazon's Echo and Fire TV devices. Following the same feature becoming available in the United States, German users can now listen to their Apple Podcasts library without having to touch their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Spotted by Macerkopf, the feature requires users to link their Amazon device with their Apple ID but once that's done, the usual voice commands will do the trick.

Here are a few examples to help you get started

  • "Alexa, play Steingart's Morning Briefing from Apple Podcasts."
  • "Alexa, fast forward 30 seconds."
  • "Alexa, play crime podcast from Apple Podcasts.
  • "Alexa, next episode."
  • "Alexa, play WDR radio play memory from Apple Podcasts."

The Alexa app will also let users set Apple Podcasts ad their default podcast app if that's something they're into. From that point on Alexa will use Apple Podcasts when a podcast is requested. Assuming it's available via Apple's directory, of course.