Getting the lady in your life an Apple Watch? Get her this luxury necklace to wear it on

There are a lot of reasons not to wear a watch in the traditional way. For some, it's a style choice. For others, it's just plain uncomfortable and annoying. Regardless of the reason, it can put a real damper on your gift-giving if that special someone you'd like to buy a brand new Apple Watch for doesn't like rocking accessories on their wrist. Enter Bucardo: a California-based company that creates special, non-traditional housing for Apple Watches. Its products allow fashion-forward individuals to wear their watch around their neck like a pendant or on a chain like a pocket watch, offering them an opportunity to style their tech in a whole new way.

For the necklace-lover, Bucardo offers a near-overwhelming multitude of options. If you're more into hiding your Apple Watch than putting it on display, you can choose from Bucardo's locket-style chain and pendant combos. These come in rose gold, silver, or yellow gold, and feature starry engravings accented with Swarovski crystals for a vintage, glamorous look. If charms are more your thing (which, come on — charms should be everybody's thing), you can grab one of the necklaces from Bucardo's charm series — these also come in rose gold, silver, and yellow gold, and each one has a charm hanging from the bottom of the casing that turns your Apple Watch into a statement accessory bordering on magical talisman. There are arrow charms, shark tooth charms, and even a charm that is reminiscent of the heart-shaped diary locks of yore.

For the more dapper types, Bucardo offers a series of pocket watch casings inspired by "the original way that timepieces were worn." These come in silver, gold, or a limited edition gunmetal gray color, and have either pinstriped or hammered metal finishes that deftly straddle the line between antique and modern. And because they're easily attached to any belt loop, you'll always be prepared to hypnotize someone the old fashioned way.

In addition to both necklaces and pocket watches, Bucardo has also recently teamed up with Manhattan Beach creative studio Right Tribe to offer a few pretty groovy bag fobs for your Apple Watch as well, each handcrafted from vegetable-tanned leather.

If you'd like to get your hands on a Bucardo Apple Watch accessory in time for the holiday season, you can peruse the company's wares on its website. Each watch casing is priced somewhere between $119 and $219.

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Tory Foulk

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