Ghostery supports the decision to pull Peace ad blocker, which used its script library

The decision by developer Marco Arment to voluntarily pull his iOS 9 ad blocker, Peace, earlier this week got a public show of support by Ghostery, the maker of the scripting tools licensed by Arment. Ghostery says:

Both we and Marco feel that the way Peace was being used compromised the neutrality that Ghostery is built on.Specifically, the black and white, all on/all off approach to content blocking in Peace ran counter to our core belief that these aren't black and white decisions. With the currently limited flexibility of the user experience, we both felt it best not to continue to sell or support the app. Ghostery is based on giving the consumer the choice as to what they block and when. Ghostery doesn't block ads or any other content by default. That's too subjective a call. If there are objective measures for what types of tracking should be blocked, then that's an option we'll pursue. Right now, however, we didn't feel that we had the mix right in Peace. Marco agreed.

Ghostery added that it feels there are still some issues with the current state of the online ad industry and that it will continue to work on these problems with its other products.

Source: Ghostery

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