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GIFs are life. Seriously, are you even Internet-ing right if you never use GIFs?

GIFwrapped has been around for a few years, but today they've unveiled a huge new v2.0 update that has been years in the making. It's been two years since the last update, so this is definitely huge. This is not the same GIFwrapped that you knew from its debut in 2014.


If you've never heard of GIFwrapped, it's pretty much an app that lets you search for GIFs and collect them in your library, where you can then share your amazing GIFs with others, whether it's just friends and family that you message, or on your favorite social media networks. While the app was pretty easy to use before, today's update just simplifies everything into a seamless process, so you can continue to be a GIF connoisseur.

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In GIFwrapped 2.0, there are no more tabs. Instead, a universal search takes its place, so bookmarks and categories are now applied across the board, and finding the right GIF is a breeze. The Preview screen also got some improvements, and you can rename images in your Library, as well as organize them into folders for easier GIF-ing.


Another huge addition is iCloud Library sync for your GIF collection. This means that instead of needing to use a service like Dropbox (you can switch those over to iCloud through a manual process), you can just make use of your iCloud account to keep all of your GIFs together across multiple devices. It's fast and seamless, so you never miss a beat.

In addition to some under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes, GIFwrapped 2.0 includes a new ability to clear out your clipboard history with a single swipe. If only it were that easy to clear out your history for other things, right?

GIFwrapped is a must-download for any fan of GIFs. It's how some of us communicate exclusively. And while GIFwrapped is a free download, it does have some ads. If you want to get rid of the ads, as well as get some advanced features (no watermarks, bookmarks, additional information on GIFs), then you should subscribe to GIFwrapped Premium. It is only $3.49 a year. Don't need Premium but don't want ads? Then you can pay $2 to remove them.

We use GIFs quite often here at iMore, so GIFwrapped is definitely one to check out.

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