Goodlinks Ipad Iphone MacSource: Ngoc Luu

What you need to know

  • Bookmarking app GoodLinks has been updated to version 1.1.1.
  • The update comes to iOS, macOS, and iPadOS.
  • The big change means new bookmarks sync in the background without the app needing to be opened.

GoodLinks is my go-to app for bookmarking and the fact it's available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac as a single app is just the icing on the cake. Today the app received a big update overnight and while it isn't big in the number of changes, it's bigger than big in the way it fixes one of the biggest irritations it caused. Now, new bookmarks sync in the background.

That might not sound such a huge deal on the face of it, but it really is. Before this update, anyone who added a new bookmark via the Share Sheet on any device had to then open the GoodLinks app to have that bookmark sync to iCloud. That was a real pain in the rear for those of us who like to bookmark things on our iPhones and then read them on our iPads. Or, if you're bookmarking things before writing them up on a popular Apple website, you might want to open them on your Mac.

But the new bookmark wouldn't be there because you hadn't opened the GoodLinks app. And it was infuriating. Now, it isn't. And all – well, not all – is right with the world.

The full list of changes reads thus:

  • Added support for URL scheme.
  • Added support for Tweet URLs.
  • Links saved via share extension will now be synced immediately without having to open the app.
  • Fixed sync issues.

This update is available for free to all existing GoodLinks users. For everyone else, this is probably the best $4.99 you'll spend this week.