Google Photo Sphere Camera brings crazy 360° photography to iPhone

Google has finally released a Photo Sphere camera app for iPhone. Now you can shoot huge panoramas just by moving your device around you, and upload the final product to the cloud to share with friends. If you've ever used Street View in Google Maps, you'll be familiar with the kinds of shots this can produce.

Final creations can be geotagged so others can see where they were shot, and shared out to your various social networks from within the Photo Sphere app, including Google+.

Photo Spheres are a big phenomenon on Android, and it's great to have access to them on iOS now as well. Anywhere in particular you would like to shoot one of these kinds of pictures?

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  • Google bring all of their best features to android. Only used this once or twice with my old android devices, but think it has the potential to be a good tool for many on IOS.
  • Is this a better choice than Microsoft's Photosynth?
  • Personally, I think so. I think it's much more user friendly. Never, ever got on well with Photosynth
  • Haven't used photosphere on Android for quite some time because it had always been buggy and required near perfect timing to get amazing looking photos. Tried this app really quickly not expecting anything great, and man did they improve the stitching quality and outcome of the photo. VERY few errors at all. Very impressive. I hope Google brought this to Android as well, because when I was on Android it sucked not having the latest Google apps when they'd be updated on iOS earlier. Sent from the iMore App
  • If anyone is having trouble with searching for it, just click on the link above. For some reason it doesn't currently show up via search.
  • This is so cool.
  • Can it do the tiny planet type stuff too? I think the Android version can do that.
  • The last time I used Photo Sphere was on my Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini via a side-loaded Camera App .apk, and it was very hard to get a decent Photo Sphere, just done a quick one & the Photo Sphere's don't seem to be as full of errors. O only got errors in the top of the Sphere along with an error on a door a couple of tables and a bit of wiredness with my printer.
  • I love photo sphere. I use it a lot on my Moto X. I have submitted several and they are included in google maps. This is a total win for iPhone. I just wish google would also port news stand over. Sent from the iMore App
  • Just FYI, this app does not work on the iPod Touch 5th Gen (if you try to, it will say this app is incompatible with this iPod) Sent from the iMore App
  • why is that? there is no reason for that
  • I am not familiar with iPod's hardware but I guess the reason is lack of gyroscope which is essential for tracking camera movement.
  • Just an FYI we've had sphere photos on ios for years through 360 panorama by occipital
  • Right, and not only that but Bubbli was an awesome 360 degree photo app too. I put it in past tense, since I've switched back to Android this year. I have no idea whether or not it's still in the store or not.