Yep, you read that right: Android Wear is dead. Or the name is, anyway. Dennis Troper, Director of Product Management for what is now Wear OS, announced the change in a blog post this morning, stating that the new name "better reflects our technology, vision, and most important of all—the people who wear our watches." Google has even transformed the Android Wear section of its website to reflect the rebranding, complete with a new logo and slogan: "Make every minute matter."

This rebranding does make sense, as Google's wearables are not only compatible with Android devices, but with Apple products as well. In fact, according to the release, one out of every three new Android Wear watch owners in 2017 also used an iPhone. Though Apple devotees may not receive the same amount of features as Android users do while using Wear OS, Google is committed to assuring possible customers that Wear OS is for everyone — especially with Baselworld 2018, the world's biggest watch and jewelry showcase, on the horizon.

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Of course, some individuals were quick to point out that Wear OS sounds strikingly similar to its competitor, Apple's watchOS:

However, many are also praising the more inclusive name (while speculating that Google is attempting to distance itself from Android branding altogether).

According to Troper's post, current Wear OS users will begin seeing the new moniker roll out in their watch and app over the next few weeks.


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