In today's evolving technological world, learning to code can be an extremely useful and profitable skill, but getting kids into coding isn't easy. Not every child will find writing lines of code exciting or fun, but with the right tools coding can fell like magic.

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit let's you build your own wand, and then use that wand to cast spells (which are small programmable lines of code), all while learn some basics of coding along the way!

With over 70 challenges in the included iOS, Windows, and Mac apps, your kids will never stop having fun while learning! Kano also including plenty of customization options for your wand to feel like it was made just for you!

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"Following the step-by-step coding manual, you build a wand, and learn about sensors, data and code along the way. The wand combines a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to detect its own location and speed in tridimensional space, making it capable of tracking your hand movement. These sensors allow it to place a cursor on screen exactly where you point it, and also recognize the motions of some signature spells. You can also code the wand's light and rumble pack."

The Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit available pre-order for $99.99 at and will go on sale worldwide at and selected retailers in the United States October 1st, 2018.

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