Grammarly For Ipad HeroSource: Grammarly

What you need to know

  • Grammarly has released an update to its iPad app.
  • The update brings the editor into the app.
  • It also adds support for hardware keyboards.

Grammarly has released a huge update for its Grammarly Keyboard iPadOS app, bringing two very important features to its users.

The first is a gamechanger for those who want to potentially use their iPad as their main, or maybe only, writing device. The company has announced that it is bringing its popular Grammarly Editor directly into the iPad app. iPadOS users had previously had to access the Grammarly Editor on Safari, but no longer.

The update to the app also brings support for hardware keyboards, meaning that iPad users will be able to use one of Apple's (or a third party's) physical keyboards to write within the app. Anyone who has wanted the full experience of Grammarly on their iPad is sure to enjoy this update.

"When you need to buckle down and focus on writing a long-form piece of content, the Grammarly Editor is the place to go—but navigating to the Grammarly Editor from your iPad's browser used to be a bit of an ordeal. We're delighted to tell you that we've improved that experience significantly. You can now access an iPad-optimized version of the Grammarly Editor just by opening the Grammarly app. Once you sign in to your account, you can create new documents, save them to the cloud, and manage other documents synced to your account. Oh, and lest we forget: Grammarly for iPad now supports hardware keyboards!"

The update also includes new features for the digital Grammarly keyboard, such as keyboard flicks and a layout that Grammarly says is optimized for the iPad. It will also now integrate with other apps, checking your writing in places like Gmail or Twitter.

"What about when you're not working on a long document on the iPad? That's the Grammarly Keyboard's time to shine. As part of this update, it now supports keyboard flicks and iPad-optimized layouts. The Grammarly Keyboard integrates with all your other apps, so there's no need to copy text you write in Gmail or Twitter and paste it into the Grammarly Editor to check it. The keyboard can do it in real-time, without getting in the way of what you're trying to do. As you write, Grammarly's writing suggestions will appear along the top of the keyboard. To apply a suggestion to your text, just tap it and Grammarly will do the rest. You can manage your keyboard preferences and settings from the Grammarly app."

The update for the Grammarly Keyboard app is available now for iPad models that can run iPadOS. You can download the update, or the Grammarly Keyboard app itself, for free in the App Store.

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