Is Green Chef Keto?

Is Green Chef Keto?

Best answer: Yes! Green Chef offers a dedicated Keto meal plan for true ketogenic dieters.Green Chef Keto: Green Chef ($13/serving at Green Chef)

What is a Keto Diet?

The ketogenic "Keto" diet is a lifestyle that significantly restricts carbs while allowing you to eat a nearly limitless amount of fat and protein. When you are on a Keto diet, your body enters a fat-burning state of "ketosis." When you are in ketosis, your body metabolizes fat in the liver. You can detect whether your body is in ketosis the process of metabolizing fat will produce ketones, and a simple home test stick can show you the level of ketones present in urine.

It can take a few days of strict adherence to a Keto diet before your body shifts into ketosis. Eating even small amounts of carbohydrates, about 25 grams or so, can kick your metabolism out of the ketosis state. Therefore, Keto dieters must follow a rigorous regimen, and similar diets like Paleo or other low-carb diets won't have the same effect.

What makes Green Chef different?

Almost all major meal kit plans pay lip service to a low-carb eating style, even showing you a nutritional breakdown with the number of carbs and sugars you are cooking. Fewer meal kit services offer a Paleo plan, which is more restrictive on carbs and limits grains and vegetables to a select variety. Green Chef is the only meal kit plan I could find that lets you cook your own food and create meals that will keep you in a state of ketosis.

There are dozens of meal plans that will send you Keto-friendly foods either freshly cooked or cooked and frozen. You eat these, reheat these, or microwave these meals, but you won't be cooking your own food. If you prefer to cook at least a few days a week, a meal kit like Green Chef is a better choice. I haven't tried these pre-cooked delivery services, so I can't judge myself. But generally reheated food does not taste as good as well-cooked food served fresh.

How is the food?

A quick look at current meal plans shows a nice variety of foods with the sort of high-end ingredients Green Chef boasts. The meals include the standard meat and dark leafy vegetable selections you'd find on other menus. Plus, they have more nuts and rich fatty foods like avocado. Cauliflower is used to appropriate excess for a proper Keto menu. Proteins include mainly chicken breasts and pork chops, with the occasional cut of salmon or tuna added. There are six different options on the Keto menu every week.

Philip Berne