Gridditor for iPhone and iPad review

Gridditor is an iPhone and iPad app that lets layer multiple filters to your photos and displays them in a unique way. Gridditor will show you four filters at a time, one in each direction (up, down, left, right), and the farther you move in any direction on the grid, the stronger the effect gets. The gird preview allows you to see the effect of applying multiple filters at once and the randomization of the filters shows you creative possibilities you may not have considered otherwise.

Gridditor includes 19 different filters and effects that you can choose from. The default filters are contrasty, bright, vibrant, and dark, but you can change the initial set to be any four filters that you want. You can also individually choose each filter each time. To get a closer look at what one of the versions of your photo looks like, just tap it to make it bigger. If you like how it looks and want to apply the effect, tap the checkmark. Gridditor will the consider this new version the original and randomly choose 4 more effects.

When you're done applying filters to your photo with Gridditor, You can share it to Facebook, Twitter, Mail, assign it to a contact, save to your Camera Roll, or open in another photo editing app.

Gridditor's interface is particularly amazing on the iPad. On the iPhone, you can only see six square of the grid at at time, but on the iPad's big display, you can 12 of the 49 different versions of your photo at once.

The good

  • 19 filters
  • Unique grid interface that lets you see different combinations of effects at once
  • Specifically choose which filters you want to consider, or let Gridditor randomly choose four of them for you
  • Repeat the process over and over
  • Share to Facebook and Twitter
  • Open In another photography app for further editing
  • Universal for iPhone and iPad

The bad

  • Some users are reporting repeated crashes (I have not experienced this on my iPhone 5 or 3rd generation iPad)

The conclusion

The screenshots for Gridditor really don't do it justice, so please be sure to watch the video above to see Gridditor in action. The grid interface, as opposed to just sliders, lets you compare different version of your photo side-by-side which ultimate speeds up the editing process, and with the randomization of filters combined with the interface, Gridditor will likely expose you to ideas that you would've never though of -- stretching your creativity.

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Leanna Lofte

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