GTA: San Andreas coming to iOS in December, game controller support in tow

Following on from GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City, Rockstar Games has announced that GTA: San Andreas will be coming to iOS this December. The good news doesn't end there, as it will also be heading our way with support for MFi game controllers with iOS 7. Oh yes. From the official Rockstar Games announcement:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas also features brand new touch controls including contextual control options to display buttons only when you need them and three different control schemes for driving and maneuvering, as well as a reworked checkpoint system for easier progression. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for mobile also comes equipped with full controller support, including Made for iOS controller capability on iOS7.

The new touch control system sounds pretty interesting, especially since that's how most people will play and it's fantastic to hear that Rockstar has put some real work into optimizing it. But, it's the MFi game controller support that's really exciting us. With recent announcements from Logitech and Moga, and surely more to come elsewhere, you could be cruising the streets of San Andreas in a whole new way on your iPhone come Christmas time.

Rockstar has said that more will follow in the weeks ahead, but we're already getting impatient waiting. Are you going to be jumping on this when it lands? And what about that controller support? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Rockstar Games

Richard Devine

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