Hands on with the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition

At Apple's Spring Forward event, Rene and I got a chance to play with Apple's Watch collection in a bit more detail than either of us were allowed last Fall. Though we're going to reserve any sort of sweeping judgements about the Watch until we actually get some in-depth hands on time with them in April, here are our latest impressions of Apple's upcoming smartwatch.

Gold is good

Ren: Last fall, I only got a chance to try on Apple's baseline Watch Sport. This time around, I got to wear both the 38mm and 42mm Watch and Watch Edition… and boy, I wish I was in the kind of income bracket that can afford a $10,000+ watch. The rose gold Apple Watch Edition may cost more than any piece of jewelry or technology I own, but it's a beautiful signature item — far less heavy on my wrist than I anticipated, with a really nice fit and finish. It feels precious in a way no Apple device has before.

That said, until I inherit a duchy or multi-million dollar fortune, I'm likely leaning toward the Steel or Aluminum models for my own personal use. The steel Watch is just as polished and beautiful as its golden companion, with a much more reasonable price tag — and the aluminum Apple Watch can be dressed up without much fuss using one of the steel Watch's signature bands.

Rene: The Edition is amazing. The gold looks fantastic and the weight was surprisingly light. I tried the 42mm version with leather band this time and, like Ren, it makes me wish money wasn't a thing I had to pay for what I want.

But since I do, I'm also leaning towards Sport or steel.

Interacting with the Watch


We finally got to take the Watch for an unguided spin after this event — which for me meant digging into its settings; trying out Glances, notifications, and messaging options; browsing apps; and playing obsessively with the Digital Crown. Much as I want a Watch right now, I'm glad Apple's engineers still have a month and a half to polish its software: Though much more solid than the guided demo I saw last fall, the Watch still needs a bit of time to smooth out scrolling and transitions between its features. But it's close — it feels like the second-to-last developer beta of an iOS device — and I'm getting very excited over its capabilities and what it might do for my life.

Rene: Some people seem confused by the many ways you can interact with the Apple Watch. Here's probably all I'm going to do at first: Get notifications and triage them, look for quick information or to do quick interaction.

I'm happy that there's a lot more I can do, and that apps are coming that will let me check my boarding pass, call an Uber, unlock a room, close a garage, and more. But that's frosting to me at this point.

They had me at saving a reach.

Watch what happens

Ren: I don't think the Watch will save humanity from being rude at the dinner table, nor will it change the world overnight. But the more I see, the more I continue to be bullish on Apple's smartwear. I know what the Watch will do for my life: My travel alone will be much improved thanks to being able to scan boarding passes directly on it, and I can't wait to see how it helps my cross-training for roller derby. (And if nothing else, I'll actually have something to look at when I mime checking the time in conversations — I haven't worn a watch in ten years, and the Apple Watch is the first device that's truly gotten me excited to do so again.)

Rene: This is Apple Watch generation one. No one, including Apple, knows exactly what it will be to most people, let alone all people. Like the iPhone, like the iPad, it'll take a year or two to really shake out.

But based on everything I saw last September and again today, holy wow but they're going to be fun years.

When I was a kid my dad bought an Apple II Plus so he wouldn't have to go to IBM to access the mainframes. It couldn't do as much, but it could do important things more conveniently. My iPhone prevents me having to go back to my Mac whenever I leave home. Again, not as much, but ever so much more convenient. My Apple Watch will prevent me having to reach for my iPhone as often. Still won't do as much, still will be infinitely more convenient.

And it's only generation one.

Bands away

Ren: The Watch may be your initial purchase, but the bands are going to be the fun accessories you didn't know you wanted. You won't be able to buy bands off-the-bat as accessories, but an Apple representative told us they're coming shortly after launch (opens in new tab); so you'll be able to rock a soft pink Modern Buckle with an Apple Watch Sport if you so desire.

The band that surprised me the most? The Milanese Loop, which I expected to hate but fell in love with almost instantly. The metal loops are so small that they don't tug on your skin or arm hair, and the metallic clasp looks like way too much fun to fiddle with during meetings or while on the train.

Rene: I like what Apple's doing with the bands. They're amazing products in their own right. And since you can swap any band of the same size — 38mm or 42mm — with any watch casing of the same size, the potential isn't only high — it's fun.

You'll have to choose a band when you buy, and the band will affect the initial price you pay, but at some point you'll be able to swap to your heart and fashion's content.

Sure, some combos might be odd, but others might be perfect for you.

The retail life

Ren: Previews from April 10 to April 24! I wished for this, but I didn't think it would actually happen. I'm so glad they did. The Watches are personal technology choices beyond a size of MacBook or iMac screen; you need time with them to figure out which one is right for you — or even if one is right for you at all. By giving customers the chance to try the Watch on without immediate pressure to buy, it also takes away some of the stress you find in high-end jewelry shops.

The special Retail tables (on display in the event hands-on area) are also very cool: Employee badging to unlock secret drawers with hidden product rather than unlocking a glass case? It's very Apple, and very chic.

Rene: Apple Watch is going to be a rollout like no other. We won't just show up and line up on launch day. We'll get a preview starting April 10. We'll be able to go in and see which Apple Watch is best for us.

Then, on April 24, we'll be able to buy.

There will be tables in Apple Retail with all the watches set in the center, and Apple Retail staff will have a special badge they can use to unlock a special drawer. And in that drawer will be all the watches to try on.

It's a pragmatic system, one that respects how Apple Retail currently works yet starts to move it towards a more personal future.

Where it goes next will be fascinating to see.

The bottom line

Rene: A lot of people are over-thinking the Apple Watch. It's a watch made by Apple. Says so right on the box. It can do a lot of super cool things. Says so right on the website. Those things will have value for people the same way a tablet has value for people. Whether it has value the way a phone does remains to be seen.

Tim Cook said he'd been wanting to make a phone call from his wrist since he was five. I have too. Unlike Cook, I lacked the genius and resources to make it happen. Thank goodness Cook had an abundance of each.

Because now we both have it. And a whole lot more.

Ren: The Apple Watch may not be for you, and that's okay. But it has the potential to change many people's lives for the better. I'm more convinced of this every time I see Cook and company talk about the Watch and hold it in my hands. Apple has poured all its craftsmanship and talent into this product, and it shows. I don't know if it will be a banner success the way the iPhone was — but I love its potential.

And now I know for sure that the Apple Watch is definitely for me.

Serenity was formerly the Managing Editor at iMore, and now works for Apple. She's been talking, writing about, and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. In her spare time, she sketches, sings, and in her secret superhero life, plays roller derby. Follow her on Twitter @settern.

  • That watch looks ludicrously large.
  • Indeed. I wish someone would model the 38mm one sometime. I'm wondering if the "Apple halo" is too strong with this one. Because everybody who has done a "hands on" talks about how great it is and especially how great it LOOKS, but everything I've seen, including this article and the accompanying videos, literally SCREAMS the exact opposite. It looks chunky and fat. It looks like it takes up your entire wrist and then some. I don't think I've ever seen a video or a picture of someone wearing this watch where it didn't appear to be both FAT, and LOOSE on the wrist. In some of these photos, you could literally put three or even four (!) fingers under the band where the it meets the watch. It may not be that way in person, but it sure LOOKS that way. It just doesn't look like it fits. It doesn't look natural on the arm like a regular watch. It looks like they all have some giant biscuit strapped to their wrist or something.
  • Great writing but neither Tim Cook or this article has convinced me to buy an Apple Watch... The biggest problem with the Apple Watch is that it doesn’t do anything that the my iPhone can’t do. There were potentially more convenient use cases, but convenience is relative. I love my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6+ but I'll pass on an Apple Watch.
  • I agree that it doesn't do anything the phone cannot, but that is part of the point. Isn't it? To be able to do many functions without pulling an iPhone 6+ out of your pocket. I've used a Pebble since it was available. The ability to get notifications on my wrist, in a meeting and silently, is incredibly handy. That may not be a feature everyone wants. There are a lot of gimmicky feature on Apple Watch, like sketching and heartbeat sending. For me, it's about cost. The watch I would be willing to put on my wrist is either $1000 or $1100. I can buy several stainless steel Pebble's for that. To me it is beyond outrageously priced. The price of the watch is high enough that I can't call myself a fanboy anymore. I'm considering ditching all of my Apple products because I feel they are losing touch with reality.
  • xcsdm, I appreciate your opinion and there are times when getting to my 6+ is inconvenient but I am retired and these times are rare. I'll save my $ for future iPhones and iPads which are IMO great products and fit my technology needs perfectly. The Apple Watch is cool but it's not for me and my $.
  • If its all about price, agree its not for you but not sure if people understand that there's a really large customer base out there that spend a lot of money on watches, and apple just gave them one that actually do more than look good on their wrist. I'm seen many of people buy Tag or Movado pieces in the $1000 range a one of the 4-5 watches they own. You take that same person and he/she likes tech and the prices for these watches are nothing they wasn't doing already. there are a lot of everyday people wearing $300 watches, $350 for one that complements their iphone is not gonna be sticker shock. People are only calling it overpriced cause other smartwatches are cheaper but like other watches cheaper don't mean you want to wear them.
  • I agree that it doesn't *have* to do anything the iPhone doesn't do as it *is* obviously an accessory. The bottom line for me though, is that it's an accessory that doesn't do anything your iPhone doesn't already do ... THAT IS ALSO BETWEEN FOUR AND SIX TIMES THE COST OF THE PHONE. That's the difference. A $200 accessory that doesn't do anything new is one thing, a $1400 accessory that doesn't do anything new is another story altogether.
  • holy smokes bro. Its nice to hear someone that feels the same way i do. with this apple watch i feel like its an overt money grab. Which isn't the Apple i remember. Apple ALWAYS had class, and TASTE., and VALUE. I cant see the VALUE in the amount of money they're asking for.
  • I find it funny that iMore is hiding how many people plan on buying the iWatch by omitted a "not buying" answer in its poll. Either you choose an edition or don't vote.
  • Yes.. this conspiracy is a SCANDAL! OMG, LOL wow...
  • Not a scandal, but definitely not "fair." This is a commercial site. They need to push products, not support people who are against said products. The monetary incentive and the commercial nature of the site are the source of the bias of course.
  • This is the iPad 1 of watches. Gen 2 will be thinner and have better battery life and more sensors. It's not worth buying now. Sent from the iMore App
  • exactly!
  • " Rene: Like the iPhone, like the iPad, it'll take a year or two to really shake out." This comparison doesn't make sense to give more credibility to  watch launch. iPhone is what it is today because so called smartphones were terrible in their form and usability when it was launched and it created a storm in the smartphone market and filled a void. No wonder; they are still selling a sh!tload of these phones as it's something perceived to be usable and important.  watch on the other hand is arriving at a matured market where traditional watches are well designed and usable and there is no such 'void' where consumers are awaiting with bated breath for someone to rescue the watch market. With 18 hours of battery life  watch will take lots of word of mouth and some serious convincing to make it a blockbuster product like iPhone or even iPad. Sent from the iMore App
  • You are comparing a computer display to an analog watch. they aren't the same things. What made the iPhone great was its ability to be an Internet portal, in your pocket. The very thing many people didn't know they would need when the iPhone was introduced.
  • I was not interested at all when there were only rumors about an Apple Watch. But since I have seen it introduced 6 months ago, I knew I will buy one the minute it becomes available. Was willing to pay up to $1500 for a steel model and happy now that it is even quite a bit cheaper. 42mm steel with Milanese and blue and brown loop bands it will be. A bit sorry that there is no modern clasp leather band for the 42mm, but so what. My use case will mainly be leaving my 6+ in my coat. Reminders, notifications and time in a piece of art package are more than enough for me. Don't care for health and fitness, the remote app for controlling my Apple TVs might be the only other app truly needed. Nice event.
  • Yeap, pretty steep for this first watch/band (in my case 1299$ for the 48mm/steel band), but the real question is: will this (449$) steel band still fit the next gen watch (and 3rd, 4th, etc.) ? If that's the case, then we'll only have to pay a new watch and keep the band, so 2nd, 3th.... will be more affordable.
  • Also what if you want to get a 38 mm watch now and then switch to 42 next gen? I'd say if you need or want one. Just get the cheapest. You have the exact same experience except for the fashion and bragging rights. Sent from the iMore App
  • Why would anyone change sizes though? You buy a watch like clothes, it has to fit your arm. Either the 38mm will or the 42mm will. Changing sizes later will just mean you are wearing watch that doesn't fit. For anyone who cares to know ... a watch "fits" when the bands don't drop straight down from the watch (as they do in the very first picture in this article). If your watch looks like that on your wrist, then you have picked a size too large for your wrist. The band should also be snug, but not tight, so the shots of people wearing the watch loosely on the wrist with links "hanging" are also wearing the wrong size watch.
  • Yeah, it would be good to know whether the straps will be compatible, ongoing. I would assume they will stick with it until they have a good reason to change, like they did with the old iPod port, but it would be hard for Apple to guarantee this before initial launch.
  • IF Apple did some type of technology guarantee for x years (5 or 10) when it came to some aspects of the watch.. I'd not be hesitating. I understand they want to merge Technology with Fashion.. but when you buy a $1k+ watch .. they often become family heirlooms. Passed down to several generations. You simply cannot expect to do that with this.. The true value of jewelry is it's often timeless... Even for those who are lower income, it's often something to get passed on.. I'm not sure they can pull off a true merging of tech and fashion .. Not at these prices.. JUST to get away from rubber bands, you have to spend a minimum of $650 Thats an ouch to me..
  • there's a lot of people buying $600 watches that are not family jewels lol. A Citizen eco drive can cost you $600 for the stainless steel version
  • I'm getting one. No doubt. This is an amazing device. And like Ren I will start wearing a watch again. It's not a two-way wrist tv (Dick Tracy) but it's close enough for now. Great job Apple. Sent from the iMore App
  • How's the steel with fingerprints? Does the 42mm aluminum feel too light?
  • I'm not sure I can get over the price. I was prepared for $600-$700 for the space back steel Apple Watch with the space black steel band, but @ $1,100 I'm going to be out until they clarify whether or not the bands will be usable on future versions. If so I can justify spending $450 (I think this is the price I saw) for the space black steel band. If it is going to be useless in a year or two when a new version comes out, no thanks. I expect that Apple will make the bands compatible for at least a couple versions, but I'm not going to plunk down a grand + until they give more insight. Until then I'll take the $700 I set aside and buy a mac mini and set up the media server I've been wanting. Sent from the iMore App
  • I will get the sport one and it will be aluminum but even though my contract isn't up till September I will surely be going in to try them on to get a more educated decision on what size I want. What I do need is will there really be a need to get a new one every 2 or so years? I saw that mentioned somewhere today and now I am curious. My Mom is not at all a techy and she was impressed with the health research and what it could be able to do for everyone she said she would hope that all platforms would contribute
  • You will most assuredly need to replace this within 2 years. I could see you possibly lasting 3, but like with the original ipad, it wont run well. The next couple of iterations of this device will set the standard. At that point I could see you getting one and lasting a couple of years without issue. Too new , too soon, too little batter in a too large design. All those things point to they did what they could in the time they had. They wanted to get this out ASAP rather than waiting for what they truly would have liked to release. In 3 years we will see what apple would have liked the original apple watch to be.
  • oh and for those that said the face was huge if you ever have a vision issue nothing you need to read something on is ever too large. It is better to be able to read it without injuring your vision even more.
  • That's why you should just use your phone. LOL. If your eyes are bad, why would you want to downsize your screen so much?? LOL
  • I'm hoping I can see some actual hands on use of it from a left hander's point of view. I really love the Stainless Steel. That's my pick!
  • After using my iPhone as a "pocket watch" of sorts since the lighter (and subsidized iPhone 3G) I had stopped wearing a watch completely. Now any watch I wear be it a Timex to a Rolex, just feels odd to me. My iPhone 6 Plus is doing a fine job telling accurate time.
  • Nów does Taptic feel on a wrist ?
  • But it's 100% dependent on the iPhone in order to work?? Sent from the iMore App
  • It can still do basic functions without the phone being on you. So if you left your phone at home by mistake at least you can still use it as an old timing watch.
  • And what about measuring pulse, heartbeat, calories burnt, and the distance counter etc? Without the iPhone! Who the heck wanna go exercise with TWO (expensive) tech products? And how clumsy isn't that? I know there's this (ugly) iPhone arm-keeper that holds it but damn, that is really in ones way when you're in the gym. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think the watch will do all of that on its own then transfer info to the phone later.
  • The problem I have with the Edition model is there's too much of it. We're seeing it in ads. On Apple's website. A picture of that Edition leads into most articles about the apple watch. And here you two are demoing that particular one. An edition that 99.9 percent of us will never see in the wild or purchase. It's an interesting way to market a product.
  • We've become such a lazy society.......
  • how so?
  • Just look at his sentence, he didn't even complete this thought.
  • Some impressive features that I can see myself use (setting quick reminders/dictating lists, shazam, etc) but the overall value is too low for me to buy a gen1. I can do with 18hrs of battery life, but for that I'd expect way more standalone features and not just a practical (or not) phone extension. Maybe Im missing the point of it. I dont care much for notifications on the wrist, so I was expecting a lot on the 'health tracker' side of it. But no built-in GPS makes it useless when I jog as I dont carry my phone around. Same with the workout tracking: does it go beyond the heart rate monitoring and calories? What about tracking 'static' workouts (I know the sensor technology is here, dont know what's implemented in this watch though)? What about water-proofing for the Sport edition? Im already looking forward to gen2 next year.
  • Many people will get to experience what it is to plunk down 650$ to 1k on smth that's bound to be outdated faster than an iPad, for instance. Many readers here, and there's nothing wrong with that, hail from countries where an iPhone price is buried in a phone contract, in such a way that you can pick one up for 200 (even though you end up paying a lot more over the course of the contract - I get that). The money paid upfront here is way different.
  • iPhone 6 costs $200.10 and sells for $649.00 for 69% profit. What do you bet the Watch costs less than $50 to manufacture. At $349 that is 85% profit. Steel and Gold editions will be even higher profit margins. That's insane for a product that will not last a day without charging. There is no excuse for the poor battery life. Apple did not wait to get into this market until they could do it "right". Sent from the iMore App
  • The excuse for poor battery life is that the battery has to fit inside a watch and still power a bunch of sensors and a retina screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • Unlikely. Miniaturized components and custom CPU's are not cheep.. and they won't be manufactured at the high volume of an iPhone, which brings the iPhone's mfg costs down considerably. At best, the $350 model is at 50%.. it very likely is close to $170 - $200 to make. You don't do all-in-one custom SoC and boards cheaply. They also created custom alloys. At lower volume, highly custom and at high quality, is not cheep. Thats not including the 3+ years of R&D we know they have into this.
  • You are incorrect about the battery, but I agree 100% on the prices. There is something definitely distasteful when the RICHEST company on Earth, run by billionaires, that makes FOUR TIMES the profit margin of any other, then adds a further 50 on top of that, just for "fashion." I will still buy Apple products because there is no alternative. There is no other company that makes what they make with the quality they make it with. After years of being an Apple-fan however, I no longer "like" them. I think they are just as despicable as most other companies now, despite all the environmental stuff. Their massive profit, and the massive overcharging for their products has just gone far too far IMO. If they really cared about making people's lives better as they say they do, they wouldn't be raping everyone blind for cash. It's unseemly and indefensible IMO. This new venture is just gold plated icing on what was already a ridiculously expensive cake. When you also add in the fact that almost every single employee at Apple is what an average person would call "rich," that most are American, that most are white and male, the "optics" as they say are just terrible. Apple comes off to me as smug, and uncaring as they do to a lot of people. Probably the opposite of what they intend or would like, but there it is.
  • Thank you. " What do you bet the Watch costs less than $50 to manufacture. At $349 that is 85% profit...That's insane for a product that will not last a day without charging"
  • I think we can all agree this is something someone would have to play with and find a good use for it. It is like a car...you dont need one but we buy one for convenience. If you can justify the cost then get one. Like it has been said before I think the first gen will be like the iPhone and were people will need to see it in the wild and how it is used by a friend before more jump on board. Of course the bands will be used for future models they will not make that big of a change until Gen 3 or 4. I will be happy with the sport for now and just let all my friends and family come to me and see how awesome it will be. I hate having to take my phone out of my pocket all the time just to see I got junk mail or a game notification that I can triage on my watch.
  • The pic of Ren with the watch on her wrist and her hand in a chop orientation.....makes me think: "You touch my watch, I Kill ya." (lighten up Francis)
  • Nice Pee Wee reference.
  • Who's Ren? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Serenity. The Author of the Article.
  • It was not a Pee Wee reference. I was actually thinking Full Metal Jacket.
  • It was actually Stripes with Bill Murray.. I was wrong when thinking Pee Wee.
  • It's not a Pee Wee reference. It's a Stripes reference. :)
  • Wasn't much interested...
    then I saw that pic with her actually looking at the camera(me)
    "I'll take two, his and hers Editions please"
  • On the fence now.. Was all ready to preorder on the 10th and the Black Stainless Steel has been my favorite since the first time I saw it.. Unless I am reading it wrong, the only way to get the black watch is you HAVE to buy the $549 stainless band. I want in but how many compromises am I willing to make? "plain" stainless and the rubber strap? Black and the rubber strap would be perfect. I can always upgrade later.. Might even consider the black leather but seem Apple is dictating the cost of entry for that black model at $1000+ Yeah, I can be called a fan boy most of the time but too many compromises makes me step back and think long and hard.. Hopefully that will ease up in time and you will be able to pick and choose what you want and they will be priced as separate line items.. Anyone know otherwise? Mix and match in the sore but predetermined bundles online?
  • Why do you care about the metal part? Just get the cheapest one since they all work the same.
  • A lot of people are buying it as a "watch." The aluminium one is not exactly something you can wear to a wedding or to work. Some people have a sense of style and like to dress like adults. I'm guessing you don't?
  • Nope, I don't wear watches. But why would you buy an Apple watch to "dress up" with? You'd want something better.
  • Well, I'd argue that if you want the watch as a watch, you'd want to wear it all the time. If you want to wear it anywhere you go, that means you don't want the "Sport" one which can't really be "worn anywhere" per se. Also, if you are wearing the Apple watch as a watch, then you wouldn't actually *own* another watch to wear to that wedding. I think you are kind of seeing it as a fitness thingie that you won't wear all the time, and have another "regular" watch that you'd wear to a wedding or some such. Nothing wrong with that of course. I'm just saying that if you are buying it as your (one and only) watch and as jewelry, then the aluminium one isn't really an option.
  • I care because it is both a functional item and a fashion item. The black watch was the one I wanted the most and the "watch" is in my budget. Being forced to buy the most expensive band puts it out of reach. Just like with a car, you can buy the Ford Fusion or you can buy the Lincoln Mkz. Same power plants but it depends on budget and which one you want "wear" and be seen in.. The Apple Watch is more a fashion item than a tech item. Seems hard to for some to wrap their heads around since it is Apple. I get that but if you look at all the early advertising Apple has done, it is all in fashion magazines. They have yet to put out a print ad that has anything to do with the tech.
  • How about the 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band at 519CAN$? I hesitate between this and the full Black Steel one... Price wise....
  • I don't want to get into anything other than saying BAH! I will need to first finishing off paying for my iPhone 6 Plus then get my Apple Watch.... I kind of wished I stayed with Samsung... My Galaxy Gear 2 no doubt can do just as much as the Apple Watch can minus Samsung not adding all those extra built in features but it still has the same potential... I like the Steel will most likely fork out for one but am not liking the price!
  • Ever since I nearly destroyed my iphone 4 years ago with sweat from running I've been hoping for the apple watch-like product. I even tried using the ipod with a watch strap and bluetooth dongle for my jaybird freedom headphones and that was such a sucky experience that I just ponied up for a better arm band. Apple is giving me exactly what I want and more. Haptics for directions, yes please! I'm looking forward to getting the 38mm sport edition with a white strap so I can enjoy phone-free runs on sunny Vancouver days. April 24th can't get here soon enough
  • I expect to see at least a dozen people wearing these on the seawall within a week of them being available.
  • These are not water resistant. If sweat ruined your iPhone, I would think that these won't do well when soaked with sweat. Also, you'll still have to have your phone with you. It needs to connect to the phone via Bluetooth if you want it to do anything cool. It's not a stand-alone device.
  • Actually, it turns out they are (water resistant). This is another case of Apple staying silent, and people assuming the worst as a result. Gruber pointed out recently, that the Apple Watch actually conforms to the IPX7 under IEC standard 60529. So, one metre of submersion for up to 30 minutes by that rule. They should handle simple sweat with no problem.
  • One would assume then that applecare (the free version) covers the watch if it stops working as a result of water damage.
  • Plus the fact that Christy Turlington wore it for the half marathon in Africa. That has to be a humid spot too.
  • Tim Cook said that you'll be able to listen to music via bt headphones without an iphone and 9 to 5 Mac has a post that you'll be able to store 2 gigs of music. It won't have the GPS capability without the phone but I kinda don't care about that sometimes since my run is just time based anyways and I'm running on a very familiar path. And come on, you'd have to be nuts to assume that they didn't take sweat into consideration when promoting the fitness component, especially since Tim Cook is a runner.
  • Like I would know Tim Cook is a runner! LOL! Too busy living my own life, I guess, to care about his. LOL
  • enjoy your ignorance!
  • Oh, I will! LOL
  • I liked the pics in the article. The Watch looks way bigger on the wrist than I thought. That doesn't really bother me, though. The two of you really think this thing will change people's lives? If you mean that it will make them poorer, then I agree. Otherwise, it's just allowing you to do certain things without taking your phone out of your pocket. That's hardly "life changing." Convenient? Sure. Life changing? Hardly. It's cool that you can swap bands, but at the price they are charging, each watch should come with at least 3 bands to start with. Instead, Apple lets you overpay for all the bands you want! Yay! Apple is way off on their pricing strategy with the Watch. I mean, I love technology, and I love watches! I consider myself an early adopter of tech gadgets, and when I say I love watches, I mean that I love them. I could seriously buy a new watch everyday. I have many watches, and many are fairly high end timepieces. Given that, there is no way I'd get into this Apple Watch at their ludicrous prices. Before the prices came out, I was really looking forward to the Watch. Already had my mind set on getting one. Now... there's no way. And it's not that I can't afford one. I just don't think it's worth the price. I'd pay those prices for a normal watch. That's something I could keep for a lifetime. No way would I pay those prices for something that will be outdated in a couple of years.
  • For the 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band is says: two straps included
  • Someone who is LEFT HANDED please post a review.
  • I have crazy tech lust for both the new Macbook and the watch. But the price for the apple watch is extremely alienating! The version I would really want is nearly $1500 with the band costing almost half the price!!! I find it hard to believe the cost of materials actually warrant that price. Unless the markup is intentionally high to drive a certain demographic. Everybody wants what they can't have. IMO Apple's market strategy is to drive the product just out of reach of the intended demographic in order to create more profit down the road. For example, for arguments sake let say 1 out of 10 iPhone owners could buy this watch this year. But possibly 2 or 3 or 4 out 10 owners will buy the next cheaper version. Its a brilliant marketing strategy to create growth! I remember paying almost $500 for a 1st gen iPod back on day one and I thought then it was worth every penny at the time. In hind side I would've waited for a later iteration. So I'll wait for the couple generations until the watch really justifies the price.
  • This. "Rene: This is Apple Watch generation one. No one, including Apple, knows exactly what it will be to most people, let alone all people. Like the iPhone, like the iPad, it'll take a year or two to really shake out."
  • Well thanks Ren. you just answered the main question I was wondering. Whether I could wear that nice soft pink leather band with the sports version of the watch. I am so getting it now. Cant wait.
  • I second a similar request made earlier - could someone post a picture of the 38mm model (space gray preferred) on a male and female wrist - it seems to me the 42mm version is going to look huge on smaller arms.
  • You might wanna try this printout of the 2 models and put them on your own wrist.. It's kewl! I'm going with the 42mm even with my small wrists :)