Hands-on with Frontline Commando: D-Day

We swung by the Glu offices while prepping for GDC 2013 today to check out their next Frontline Commando game, due to launch this Thursday. You'll find a lot of the same third-person, duck-and-cover action of the franchise, along with a few new elements that really sets it apart.

Obviously since this Frontline is all D-Day themed, you'll have to blow up plenty of tanks, as well as play wave defense stages where you man an anti-air flak gun and shoot down enemy aircraft. While on foot, there's a new sprinting mechanic. If you don't time your leaps right, you may trip and take a hit to your health. Players explore a variety of different locales across Europe, and are ranked out of three stars for each mission's performance. Over time, they earn cash and currency to acquire and upgrade new equipment. The primary consumable you'll be relying on are grenades; they're scarce, but handy.

For a free-to-play title, the graphics are great, and the authentic World War 2 weapons and history tidbits between levels really set the mood. Since the Call of Duty games have long since left the World War 2 theme behind, it's nice to have something new in the genre. To keep an eye on what's happening with FrontLine Commando: D-Day, hit up Glu's Facebook page.

Simon Sage

Editor-at-very-large at Mobile Nations, gamer, giant.