TimePorter from Twelve South lets your Apple Watch travel in style

So you've got an Apple Watch. You've got a charger. A spare band. (Or two or three or four.) Now you've got carry it all around with you. Such is the curse of the fashion-forward techie.

Twelve South recently announced a new Apple Watch accessory — the TimePorter — and we got a chance to check it out in New York City. If you find yourself on the road a lot or looking for a better way to carry your watch and accessories, this may be just what you are looking for. It can be hard to bring along your wall adapter, charging cable and spare bands without things getting lost or beat up, and this accessory addresses that issue for you. The TimePorter is designed like a capsule that holds your watch accessories with ease.

Beyond just storing your accessories, the TimePorter also can double as a charging station for your watch. Your existing Apple Watch charger fits securely inside the top of the casing, and there is a small cutout on the side of it for the cable to run through. This allows you to close the case and wrap your watch around it while keeping the internal magnet safe. Once you finish charging you can stick the cable back inside the case for safekeeping. And so you don't have to leave the charger exposed all the time there's a rubber plug that fills the hole in the interim.

And for the international traveler, the TimePorter is big enough to house both a standard U.S. plug as well as whatever you'll need in your destination country.

The TimePorter will be available in both black and white, and begins shipping in May for $49.99.

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Jared DiPane

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