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What you need to know

  • A thief stole an iPhone 7 and then filmed himself eating dinner with it.
  • The thief was caught and charged with little opportunity for defense.

A British teenager stole an iPhone 7 before using it to film himself having dinner, according to a report. The thief was later caught and charged before being given an 18-month suspended sentence.

The iPhone 7 belonged to another teenager, according to local reports, with the theft carried out in 2019. It was thought the thief had a knife at the time, although none was ever seen. Kairo Theophilus-Reid was 21 at the time he stole the device.

Prosecutor Alec Small earlier told the court Theophilus-Reid, then aged 19, and relative Charlie Graham, pulled up alongside two boys – just 15 and 16 – near the Highworth Co-op store in 2019.

The iPhone was stolen following an altercation, the thief was obviously peckish – so he went to get something to eat and for reasons unknown decided it was a good idea to film himself in the process.

Police later arrested the men at Reading services as they headed towards London. On the phone was a video shot the night before showing them at a Swindon restaurant just hours after the robbery.

Theophilus-Reid, of Southwold Street, Hackney, admitted robbery.

Probably because you can't mount a defense when you've already done the prosecution's job for them.

James Watson QC noted during sentencing that the thief has changed his ways, giving him an 18-month suspended sentence and an order to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

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