Harvest Moon: One World's newest update lengthens the game's days

Harvest Moon One World Watermelon Quest
Harvest Moon One World Watermelon Quest (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Harvest Moon: One World is a farming simulator developed by Natsume.
  • Natsume has announced a new update for the game, based on community feedback.
  • The changes made include adjustment to time progression as well as the lifespan of animals.

Natsume has revealed in a blog post that changes have been made to the latest game in the Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon: One World in a recent update. Players who currently have their game running will have to close the game and. According to the developer, these changes were made in response to vigorous community feedback comprised of complaints that the in-game clock simply ran too quickly.

The latest update contains a few changes, including an adjustment to the time progression speed to make it slower. This, alongside some "tweaks to the flow of some actions", should allow players to make their farming days more efficient and productive. The developer did stress that cooking would still be the main way to regain lost stamina as the days progress.

Animal lifespans have also been made longer, falling more in line with realistic expectations for how long each type of animal will life. This change will be implemented in any new animals the player purchases or befriends, so any animals currently living on the farm will have to be released before players can see changes in how long they live. Some language surrounding items and quests has also been changed in order to make them more comprehensive.

Despite relatively middling to negative reviews for the game, Natsume reassured fans that they have been keeping an eye out and listening. Harvest Moon: One World is available on the Nintendo Switch, but those who are looking for a farming simulator may find that other better games exist on the system, including the beloved Stardew Valley.

Nadine Dornieden

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