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What you need to know

  • Headlines lets you add feeds and then put them into Home screen widgets.

Apple's addition of Home screen widgets in iOS 14 meant that we saw a ton of developers do cool things that weren't previously possible. Things have slowed down a little since that initial flurry, but that doesn't mean they've stopped. Headlines is a new app that makes use of widgets by using them to put the news right onto your Home screen.

The whole point of Headlines is to get the news in front of you, where you're going to see it most. We look at our Home screens more than 100 times per day on average, so doesn't it make sense to put important information there?

Once you've added your choice of feeds – manually, this isn't an RSS reader – there are six widgets to choose from, including support for dark mode. You can mute certain keywords and even apply tags to your feeds if you'd like as well.

Introducing Headlines, a brand new way to keep up with the news you care about, right on your Home Screen. Choose your favorite feeds, add a widget and start reading.

Main features:

  • 6 beautiful widgets
  • Easy feed discovery and management
  • Built-in article translation*
  • Mute filters*
  • Dark mode
  • iCloud sync

You can enjoy Headlines for free but there's an in-app purchase (IAP) available to unlock all features, including those mute filters I just mentioned. The IAP runs at either $1.99 per month or $11.99 for a year. A full lifetime unlock is available for $29.99, too.

You can download Headlines from the App Store now.

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