Apple Watch's heart rate monitoring helps woman discover she's pregnant

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Apple Watch has time and again proven to be a worthy addition to your wrist, and it contnues to do so. While the features like fall detection and heart rate monitor have helped save lives multiple times over, the Apple Watch has now helped detect the beginning of a new one. A woman has reported that her Apple Watch helped her detect her pregnancy.

The Apple Watch apparently picked up on the signs of pregnancy before the woman even had any idea that she was pregnant, leading to the discovery. While the watch didn't outright deduce that the woman was pregnant, but it did report the heart rate data accurately enough to alarm her of the change.

Apple Watch picks up heart rate spike leading to discovery of pregnancy

The woman posted her experience to Reddit, detailing how the Apple Watch was showing her an increased resting heart rate, which led her to get tested.

apple_watch_detected_a_higher_resting_hr_for_15 from r/AppleWatch

The woman said that the Watch reported a higher resting heart rate for 15 days, with an alert. She said, "Usually my resting heart rate is about 57 and my heart rate has increased to 72. It’s not a big jump but it showed up on an alert that it’s been higher for 15 days. I started trying to figure why."

She then proceeded to get a pregnancy test after realizing that a higher heart rate was a normal thing during early pregnancy. The test came back positive, and the doctor also confirmed her pregnancy upon her next visit.

The Apple Watch has been quite good at saving lives so far. Heart rate monitoring is a key feature for many people, and according to this report, may have helped the woman plan this unexpected pregnancy a little bit better. These features are available across the best Apple Watch models. This pregnancy detection is a first for the Apple Watch, but likely not the last.

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