Apple Watch with workout app openSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • New figures show that people who were given an Apple Watch moved as much as 51% more than before.
  • Insurance firm AIA gave Apple Watches to members of its AIA Vitality program.
  • People who moved the most saved on their monthly Apple Watch payments.

A health insurance company that gives people Apple Watches says that its numbers show as much as a 51% increase in physical activity among wearers.

An AIA Australia report shows that over 50s increased their physical activity by an average of 51% when they were wearing an Apple Watch. The overall increase across all age groups was a still-impressive 35%, according to the insurer.

Aia Apple Watch Movement IncreaseSource: AIA Australia

AIA Australis offers those who take out the AIA Vitality program the chance to bag an Apple Watch. If people meet movement goals the payments for their new watch shrink, possibly as far as making the wearable free. That does raise the question of whether the movement was thanks to the Apple Watch's presence or simply an indicator of how much people will move around if it means getting something for free.

The rich health and wellbeing insights Apple Watch users gain, combined with the behavioural principle of "loss aversion" that has been built into this AIA Vitality benefit, led to the significant increases in activity levels.

However, the why doesn't really matter so long as people are moving — and presumably reducing the claims made to AIA in the process.

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