Here are 11 apps made by Black developers you should check out

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Right now, we're watching history unfold all around us. With George Floyd's death, it has sparked civil unrest in all 50 states of the U.S., as well as the rest of the world. Racism should be kept in the past, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement wants justice, healing, and freedom for Black people everywhere. All of us should be supporting our fellow Black brothers and sisters, and yes, there are quite a few of them that develop amazing apps. Here are some that you should check out right now.


Shine: Calm Anxiety & Stress

The world is literally on fire right now for a number of reasons, so your anxiety might be a little through the roof right now. The Shine app by Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi lets you calm down with over 500 original meditations, and you can check in daily to see how your mental health is doing.



When it comes to getting ahead in your industry, it's important to network with others who are also in the same industry. But it can be hard for African Americans and other people of color, and even doubly so if you're a woman. Zimela by Erika Hairston helps you find industry-related events, programs, and conferences, and you can connect with others easily. There are also inspirational stories to motivate you to go further.


Choices: Stories You Play

Now, more than ever, we need to take a moment and relax. Choices: Stories You Play by Chelsa Lauderdale of Pixelberry Studios lets you create your own drama story and watch it unfold. You can go for romance, love, magic, or even fantasy — whatever you desire. Just sit back and relax with a story that you can control.


We Read Too

Reading is fundamentally important, but it is can be a little difficult to find books about non-white characters and people. We Read Too by Kaya Thomas is a directory that lets you easily find books by writers of color that feature main characters of color. The directory includes hundreds of picture books, chapter books, middle-grade books, and young adult books.


The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile from Electronic Arts is the latest iteration of the popular Sims franchise. But they have Pam Iluore, one of the few African American and Filipino people working on the development team. Because of her, the game is able to include various representations in the game, from clothing to hairstyles, and it's genuinely authentic.



If you are a productivity nut, then Capsicum by Ish ShaBazz of Illuminated Bits is a great app for helping you manage your tasks, schedule, and notes. That's right! Capsicum's Planning feature has your schedule, tasks, take notes, and even get the forecast. There's also a habit tracking feature when you need to break some bad habits. Create multiple notebooks and customize them to your liking.



MYAVANA by Candace Mitchell, Jessica Watson, Chanel Martin, and Joy Boulamwini is basically like having a personal hair coach for people of color. Just answer some questions about your hair and take a photo for the app to analyze it. You'll get a customized recommendation on products that are perfect for your hair. You can also talk with the community and share beauty tips.



Workday is an app that Frances Liddell-Rodriguez has worked on. If your business or employer uses Workday, you can do administrative tasks, like requesting time off, capturing expenses, clocking in and out, and more, browse the company directory, view team member profiles, and more right from the mobile app. Workday does require your organization to provide mobile access though, so not all features may be available.


Afro Emoji

Afro Emoji by Ayoola Daramola gives you access to fun iMessage stickers featuring various African American characters dressed up in traditional garb. With this app, you get over 50 different characters with over 300 stickers to use for your daily chats, so you can express yourself freely.



Mixle lets you connect with other people who share common interests with you. The app is good for businesses, conference organizers, and even event planners. The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to promote in-person meetups for plain social or business purposes. And if you're worried, there are features built-in to avoid encounters too.



Sheena Allen made CapWay with no previous coding experience. CapWay creates financial opportunities for everyone through the use of mobile banking, financial education and tools, and also provides a social culture for money. The mobile banking aspect of the app is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can brush up on a variety of financial topics, from assets to investing, learn how to manage your money better, and more.


These are just some apps we've found that are made by or have had contributions from African American members. Support the Black community by giving these apps a chance if you can. Do you have any suggestions? Drop them in the comments below.

Christine Chan

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