Jiang Teardown Iphone SeSource: 温州艾奥科技

What you need to know

  • We've gotten eyes on a teardown of the new iPhone SE.
  • The teardown reveals major similarities between the new SE and iPhone 8.
  • Some parts are event swappable between the two devices.

Update: iFixit has confirmed that the camera is interchangable between the iPhone 8 and the new iPhone SE.

As soon as the new iPhone SE was announced, the comparisons to the iPhone 8 were rampant. The new SE takes on the form factor of the iPhone 8 in almost every way, including the glass back, single camera, and screen size.

Now, it appears that the new iPhone SE might share a lot of similarities with the iPhone 8 under the hood. Reported by 9to5Mac, a YouTube Channel called Wenzhou Ao Technology posted a video of a teardown of the new iPhone SE. The channel specializes "in mobile phone repair and technical training".

During the teardown, the team places an opened iPhone SE next to an opened iPhone 8 and the two phones are nearly identical on the inside. The only obvious differences between the internals of the two devices is, within the iPhone SE, the presence of the new A13 Bionic processor and the new wide camera.

The similarities in the rest of the components is so striking that those performing the teardown were able to swap the display hardware with an exact fit between the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE. Other pieces of hardware, such as the camera module, was not swappable.

The new iPhone SE is launching tomorrow, so this will be first of many teardowns of Apple's low-cost iPhone. You can check out the full teardown in the video below.