Here's what every Apple Watch Sport color combination looks like

I went out and bought every single Sport band last week. In part, I wanted to look at every color in my Sport band review. But really, I wanted to do some mega color mixing. And, after an epic photo shoot, here are the 15 results from my mad scientist experiments.

15 bands in 15 seconds

If you don't want to scroll through the gallery below, here's all 15 combos in 15 seconds.

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1. R2D2

My mother called it, and she's right — this is the watch band to rock if you want to salute my favorite Star Wars droid.

2. New Skids on the Block

Named in honor of the neon-clad Montreal roller derby team, who always wear the strangest color combinations and make it work for them.

3. Watermelon

Can you really see anything else?

4. Cotton candy

Light, fluffy, with just the right sickly-sweet sugary edge.

5. Green Lantern

In brightest day, in blackest night...

6. Black swan

Goth ballerinas, unite!

7. White and gold, or "Blue Steel"

Because in the right light, everyone looks like Zoolander.

8. Supergirl

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the color every Metropolis citizen wants to rock.

9. Jade

I couldn't think of a good name for this one, but luckily, Rene was on-hand to provide a superhero option.

10. Yin/Yang

The endless circle.

11. Kitten pink

"But wait, Serenity" you protest. "Kittens aren't pink." I know, reader. Just go with it. Trust me. It makes sense. Kittens! KITTENS.

12. Black steel

Back in black, and it feels so good.

13. Green apple

Not actual apples, mind you. I'm thinking of the overly-tangy green apple flavoring you find in just about every hard candy on this planet.

14. Sky blue

Sky, meet Apple Watch. You guys will probably get along as long as one of you doesn't drown the other in rain.

15. Blank slate

I love my white band in all its pasty glory, but part of me hopes someone opens a website for doodling custom-drawn cartoons on this band.

Mixing and matching without breaking the bank

Whether you get a Sport band as part of your Watch or as a separate accessory, the band comes in three pieces for proper sizing: The first piece, which contains the short metal pin, is the same regardless of your wrist girth. The second two pieces are offered in two sizes: S/M and M/L. Both pieces have seven pin holes, several of which overlap, to provide accurate sizing for in-between wrists. Here's the kicker: Generally, you're probably only going to prefer one of those two sizes. Find a friend (or a trusty website) who has a different color and a spare band, and you can swap your extra pieces. Result: Instant mix-and-match band.

What's your favorite color combo?

Think my names are silly? Got better ones? Hate this project entirely? Sound off below.

Serenity Caldwell

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