Here's where you can still buy the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite (Image credit: Nintendo)

Here's where you can still buy the Nintendo Switch

Best answer: The big brother Nintendo Switch remains out of stock in most places, and it's best to avoid third-parties that may be charging you a lot more for the same product or places that are selling the older Nintendo Switch with the inferior battery life. The colorful, more compact Switch Lite is still available in all of its colors, however, and is a great alternative if you want to save some cash or don't need to tether to your TV.Small but mighty: Nintendo Switch Lite (Gray) ($200 at Best Buy)Colorful fun: Nintendo Switch Lite (Yellow) ($200 at Best Buy)The full rainbow: Nintendo Switch Lite (All colors) ($200 at Walmart)

Fun no matter the location

The Nintendo Switch is the latest console from Nintendo, and it's taken the world by storm. It has a huge selection of high-quality titles from Nintendo, with an even more impressive collection of third party-titles (including the Witcher 3), and all of it can come with you on the go. It's easy enough to want to pick one up, but supplies are running a little low right now, with everyone getting them for their stays at home.

The original hybrid Switch with its removable Joy-Cons, TV dock, and built-in kickstand isn't available at almost any retailers at the moment. If you want to get a Switch for yourself, your only choice is pretty much the Nintendo Switch Lite. While it lacks some of the features that make headlines for the original Switch, the Lite is more compact, easier on the hands, and is absolutely fantastic for handheld gaming, as noted by our review.

Lite is right

If handheld gaming is where you're at, the Switch Lite is a fantastic choice, and it comes out at a full $100 less than its bigger brother. It's also available in three different colors — turquoise, gray, and yellow — that are all bright and lighthearted (with a third color, coral, coming on April 3). On top of that, you can avoid paying an arm and a leg through third-parties like eBay. Plus, you don't have to worry about whether or not you're buying the new or old Switch. Basically, avoid things like this, as this is an older Switch that's still listed on Target's site.

You can find the Switch Lite in all three colors right now, but if you plan on going for the gray or yellow color variants, I suggest buying it from Best Buy. It has a larger selection of accessories and games, as well as better support from Best Buy staff. If you absolutely have to get that playful turquoise color, Walmart has you covered there. Whichever color you choose, you're getting the same amazing handheld gaming experience in the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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