Hermes vs Fauxermes Amazon knockoff bands: Which looks better?

When the Apple Watch Hermès (opens in new tab) collection first arrived on the scene, iMore scooped up a Hermes Apple Watch + Double Tour and I was lucky enough to try it out for a few months. I found myself surprisingly liking the double-strap; I wasn't expecting to enjoy the feeling, but it ended up growing on me during my testing. Unfortunately, that watch inevitably moved on, and as I wasn't wealthy enough to buy a whole new Apple Watch just to get that fancy band, I considered other, cheaper alternatives — like Amazon (opens in new tab).

I ended picking up a blue "Fauxermes" Double Tour from a Chinese Amazon manufacturer, which, given its $37 price, was actually pretty cool. (I bought a 38mm Fauxermes Cuff (opens in new tab), too, because why not.) It had some noticeable differences when compared to the real band, but hey — you can't beat a knockoff price.

When Apple began selling Hermes bands a la carte, I was lucky enough to receive a Fauve Barenia (or, y'know, brown) Double Tour (opens in new tab) as a gift; it arrived late Tuesday, and at my colleague, Rene Ritchie's urging, I did an unboxing video on Facebook Live.

But why just focus on unboxing when I had a Fauxermes right on my desk? Instead of merely showing off my new official Double Tour, I also did a live-on-the-spot comparison of the two bands. You can watch (and judge my oh-so-stylish bands paired with my yardwork and roller derby clothes) below, or on Facebook directly.

What do you think, folks? Is the Double Tour worth $499, or is the Amazon pick the way to go? Are both of them terrible and not worth your time? Let us know in the comments.

Serenity was formerly the Managing Editor at iMore, and now works for Apple. She's been talking, writing about, and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. In her spare time, she sketches, sings, and in her secret superhero life, plays roller derby. Follow her on Twitter @settern.

  • Third party bands are the way to go. No way can I justify the price of the Hermes bands. Sent from the iMore App
  • Both suck.. Cuff bands been out of style since the razr was the popular device to have. Sent from the iMore App
  • While the Hermes band does look better, I wouldn't pay $500 for it. I'd rather get a 2nd Apple Watch for the missus. :)
  • Good video. I think the quick walk-thru's with your (experienced/informed) opinions are great. I have purchased both Apple and 3rd party bands. Agree that the 3rd party bands include sacrifices in feel etc, but the the price difference allows me to experience with many more bands than I could otherwise afford. Keep up the good work. I'm loving iMore.
  • i also have both apple/hermes and 3rd party bands. The biggest problem of the 3rd party bands is that the band goes under the watch and disable the sensor. Genuine Apple/Hemes double tour bands have an extra layer of leather to prevent going in. I found the 3rd party bands are impossible to use.
    Other differences are the feel and the quality of leather. The feel of the genuine band is very noticeable but I would not pay extra $500 just for the feel. The quality of leather is also different. The 3rd party bands starts cracking very quickly. But again I would not pay extra $500 for that. I would rather keep replacing the 3rd party bands if the leather cracks.
    So if there are the 3rd party double tour bands which includes the extra layer, I would go for the 3rd party bands, but at this moment I found it annoying and impossible to use.
  • I bought a milaniese Loop from China and I went to the Apple store and there are no difference and I am wearing it now since last year and still happy and I paid 20$ free shipping
  • Both are probably made in sweatshops anyway, and I doubt the slaves in the Hermes sweatshop are getting paid any more than the slaves in the Fauxermes sweatshop. If the fake one actually had the words "Fauxermes" printed on it, that'd be the one I get for sure.
  • Extra points if it has something like "Hormos" or "Uermes" in an attempt to fool the eye.
  • Not a fan of either band......... currently waiting for my nylon and Milanese bands to arrive (shipping update says this afternoon, woohoo!) and I'll give those a try.
  • For me the options are Cheap Knockoff VS Good Knockoff .. Apple and Hermes bands are way over priced. There are some very good quality knockoffs available for 1/4 the original price. It also comes down to preference and personal choice.
  • I agree! Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes well how long is that blue one going to last and how many years are you going to be able to use the 'real' one? I suspect that the metal parts are also worse quality wise...
  • This is a very valid point. $500 seems overly excessive however. You might be able to make an argument if you really thought the band would last a lifetime, but without the promise from Apple that these bands will be guaranteed to fit future watch iterations, I'd rather go with the cheaper knock offs that I won't care if they're phased out over time. Of course if $500 doesn't mean that much to you and you've got it then more power to you. Enjoy your watch band for as long as you can.
  • I love Apple products but the price they charge for these bands is an absolute joke and in my opinion there is absolutely no justification for these prices. I have the stainless steel black watch and purchased for £20 a black stainless steel link bracelet from Amazon. Does the job fine. The previous point made about if you have the money go for it, misses the point here. To charge what they do for all their bands apart from the new nylon, is dare I say it, verging on the criminal. Stop buying these and you will see how quickly the price would drop.
  • Can you say, waste of money?, if you pay $500 bucks for that than you sir are an *****!
  • You censored me for saying, *****?, it's in the dictionary and is not a bad word, we have to stop this political correctness nonsense.
  • So is **** but they are hardly going to allow it.
  • I LOVE my knock off link and Milanese loop bands! Same price range Serenity paid. I think the link was about 45 and the loop 35.