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What you need to know

  • The HEY email app now supports multiple windows on iPads.

Fans of the HEY email app can now be more email-y after the iPad version got an update to add support for multiple windows. The move allows users to view multiple views at the same time.

The utility of this is fairly obvious with users now able to keep their main email view open while composing a new message. But same update also adds the usual array of bug fixes and other improvements, too.

If you're an iPad power user — or aspire to be one — this update is for you! With multiple windows, you can have the Imbox open on the left while browsing The Feed or replying to an email on the right. You can split your windows, use them as slideovers, or have multiple fullscreen instances of the app.

We also included a couple smaller changes too: - NEW: Support for the new Collections feature on work accounts - FIXED: Sometimes widget blank slate text got too close to the edge

The HEY app received another update recently, that time adding support for iOS 14's new widgets and more.

Existing and new HEY users can download the free update from the App Store now. A subscription is required to use the HEY email service, however.

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