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What you need to know

  • HomeCam is a great way to track your HomeKit cameras.
  • You can view multiple cameras at once.
  • Now the whole thing looks great with new features added.

HomeCam is a great app for anyone who has a few HomeKit-enabled cameras around their home. While Apple's Home app will let you see what those cameras see, HomeCam is the only way to see multiple cameras from a single screen. And that's a big deal if you have a ton of them. Now the app has received its version 2.0 refresh, and it's pretty awesome.

The update has seen HomeCam rebuilt from the ground up with a brand new design that truly makes everything look gorgeous. But the look and feel of the app is just part of the story. Changes include the ability to have cameras automatically cycle endlessly, as well as improvements to Data Layers and Siri Shortcut support.

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  • For the first time, Auto Cycle is now available on iOS. Cycle your cameras endlessly for use as a baby or security monitor.
  • Data Layers have been improved to support more sensor types, while also allowing you to select which accessory to use for a given data point.
  • HomeKit Controls have been improved with better support overall for key types of accessories.
  • Improved Siri Shortcut support.
  • The Today widget has been revamped and now supports showing two cameras while in compact view.
  • A multitude of fixes for key issues in the last version and many other changes!

The updated HomeCam 2.0 app is available from the App Store now, costing $4.99

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