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What you need to know

  • The edn SmallGarden has made a surprise appearance on Apple's online store.
  • HomeKit-enabled indoor garden can accommodate up to ten plants.
  • App features include light controls, schedules, water level alerts, and plant guidance.

New Apple Silicon Macs are not the only thing to hit Apple's online store this week, as a surprise HomeKit accessory that is the first of its kind has been quietly added. The edn SmallGarden is a tabletop indoor garden system that can grow up to ten different plants, vegetables, or herbs at a time with app and HomeKit connectivity.

The edn Wi-Fi powered SmallGarden delivers the optimal light and food to give your plants everything they need to thrive. Combined with the ēdn app, you can seamlessly manage the lighting schedule, see garden alerts, and get detailed guidance on the growth of your plants to help you go from planting to harvest and beyond. The SmallGarden is built for the smart home of the future and is fully integrated with Apple's HomeKit.

Edn SmallGarden SeedpodSource: edn

The SmallGarden is similar to standard indoor gardens, with a compact footprint that incorporates a water reservoir, grow light, and ten dedicated spaces for seed pods. According to edn, the company's SeedPods are inspired by NASA technology, which combines soil, seeds, and time-release plant food into a small mess-free container. The SeedPod system allows users to start growing in four simple steps: plugging it in, pairing with the app, inserting the pods, and adding water.

Included in the box are a set of starter Basil SeedPods, with additional options available for various plants, including several different lettuce and herb varieties, along with a seedless pod that accommodates any plant seed.

Edn SmallGarden App ScreensSource: Apple

While actual HomeKit functionality is not currently known, the Apple store listing and screenshots from the edn SmallGarden app give a small glimpse into connected features. The SmallGarden app appears to support water level monitoring, light adjustments, scheduling, alerts, and plant growth guidance. Since gardens are not a current HomeKit accessory category, we suspect that Home app and Siri controls will be limited to power controls and brightness adjustments.

The edn SmallGarden is available for purchase now on Apple's online store for $199.95 with delivery listed for next week. Additional SeedPods are available through edntech.com, with prices starting at $25 for packs of ten.


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edn SmallGarden

Work smarter not harder

The HomeKit-enabled edn SmallGarden is the first accessory of its kind, offering users the ability to grow up to ten different plants, vegetables, or herbs with convenient SeedPods. App controls include light adjustments, water level alerts, and even plant guidance.

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