HomeKit Secure Video feature leaked from demo iPad in Apple Store

What you need to know

  • A video posted to Youtube supposedly shows a 90 second interactive video demonstrating HomeKit Secure Video.
  • The video was purportedly screen-captured from an unnamed Apple Store.
  • HomeKit Secure Video was announced back at WWDC in June this year.

An interactive video displaying the features of HomeKit Secure Video has apparently been lifted from a demo iPad in an unnamed Apple Store and posted to Youtube. Posted by Zachary Truskowski and picked up by HomeKit Hero the video purportedly shows a demonstration of the new HomeKit security feature for iOS.

As per the report:

As seen in the minute and a half long video, various features such as A.I. identification of motion events are on display, with icons for people, animals, and vehicles depicted on a timeline. The video also shows off interactions with other devices in the same room as the camera, which is in shipping versions of iOS 13.Zachary's video also shows an attempt to identify the hardware used for the feature, which unfortunately, uses placeholder information and does not reference a currently available camera or company. Also seen during the video are several error messages such as "Could not complete operation", but nonetheless, the video shows a surprisingly polished demonstration of what is to come, hopefully pointing toward a release before the end of the year.

The video matches a supposed screenshot leak of the same service picked up a few days ago. When HomeKit Secure Video is released, the service will analyze your home security footage on a local Apple device such as iPhone or iPad. If it detects anything that footage will be uploaded to iCloud. Some reports suggest that beta users of iOS 13.2 have seen HomeKit Secure Video enable, but haven't been able to take advantage bevcause cameras have not been updated. Cameras from Netatmo, Eufy and Logitech should all support the feature on release.

Stephen Warwick
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