HomeKit accessory code storage app HomePass gets new look, Shortcuts, and more

Homepass 1.7 Update on an iPhone
Homepass 1.7 Update on an iPhone (Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

What you need to know

  • An update to the HomePass app today brings new Siri Shortcuts integrations and customization.
  • Other additions include x-callback URLs and visual tweaks.
  • Version 1.7 is available now and is for free for existing owners.

A new update to the popular HomeKit code storage app, HomePass, is rolling out on the App Store today. Already one of our favorite HomeKit apps for its seamless backups and sync capabilities, HomePass version 1.7 makes it even simpler for HomeKit fans to manage their precious accessory codes.

Homepass V1.7 Update

Homepass V1.7 Update (Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

Kicking things off is a new grid layout on the home screen of the app that groups accessories by room. Rooms and accessories can be hidden from view with just a tap, providing a quick way to get to a specific accessory and code. A new categories view has also been added, which sorts accessories by their device type, such as cameras, or outlets.

  • HomePass now allows you to easily navigate your Homes and Rooms in a simple grid. Tap a room name to collapse and hide it's accessories, tap again to show.
  • The new Categories layout adds the ability to view your all accessories by their category type for quick reference.
  • I've also added Context Menu support to all accessories in these new layouts, simply long press to get a quick set of options including Edit, Delete and Copy Code.

Additional tweaks include a new custom field section for accessories which can be used to store things such as MAC or IP addresses, and the app now saves serial numbers automatically. Rounding out the visual changes are added context menus that present options like edit or delete through a long press.

  • Custom Fields allow you to save any information you wish per accessory. For example, you could store MAC addresses of devices for easy reference, or specific manufacturer information if you desire.
  • HomePass will now automatically save serial numbers along with default device name, manufacturer and model information whenever you add an accessory.

Siri Shortcut support gets an upgrade as well in HomePass 1.7, with new commands available through the Shortcuts app. The latest additions include ways to get all of your stored information for an accessory, or you entire accessory database. Finally, HomePass also throws in x-callback-url support, which gives developers a way to programmatically add accessories into the app.

  • Sometimes you just need better shortcuts, and I've provided them finally.
  • You can now get all your accessory information out of HomePass with Siri Shortcuts for use however you wish.
  • A "Get Accessory" shortcut returns all information per accessory, while the "Get All Accessories" shortcut gives you every accessory in the database.
  • I've also included the ability to directly select which accessory to load in Shortcuts itself. No more manual adding.

HomePass 1.7 is available now on the App Store as a free update for existing owners, or $2.99 for new purchases. HomePass is also available through the Home Essentials Bundle, which includes other popular apps from Sunya Limited, including HomeRun and HomeCam, for $9.99.

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