Homepod Mini ReviewSource: Stephen Warwick / iMore

What you need to know

  • HomePod mini has a temperature and humidity sensor.
  • The sensor isn't active for users right now.
  • Could become active with a software update.

When it comes to the best smart speakers Apple's HomePod mini has lagged behind Amazon's Echo and Google's Nest in terms of smart features; however, this could all change with a software update.

According to Bloomberg, iFixit did a teardown of a HomePod mini and found a temperature and humidity sensor inside. The sensor could be used to communicate data with smart thermostats around your house, which would greatly bolster the smart-capabilities of the HomePod mini.

"The hardware could also let the HomePod mini automatically trigger other actions, say turning a fan on or off, depending on the temperature."

As of right now, HomePod mini owners can adjust thermostats through Siri if they happen to have a HomeKit compatible thermostat connected to their Home app. This sensor could make it possible to adjust the climate in your home based on the temperature and humidity in the room where your HomePod mini resides. This means, if you had multiple HomePod minis in various rooms, you could control the climate based on each room.

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The sensor could be enabled via a software update, but as of yet, we haven't seen any evidence that this is a feature Apple will roll out soon. No features that use the newly-found sensor in the HomePod mini are in any of the developer's or public betas of any of Apple's software. Still, it only takes one update and that could all change, so it's certainly something we intend to keep an eye on.