Hotmail now pushing via ActiveSync to iPhone?

Our good buddy George Ponder over at sibling site <a href=" tell us Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail, officially slated to get ActiveSync support sometime this summer, might just be already up and running: is reporting some users are having success in syncing their Hotmail accounts through ActiveSync. Through trial and error, the server address has been identified as, SSL should be enabled, and you leave the domain blank. Obviously you enter in your username and password accordingly.

It's not official, so it could break or just not work or stop working at any time, but if you've been dying to get Hotmail on your iPhone, especially push Hotmail, here's your chance to taste test.

(And remember, iOS 4 will let you have multiple ActiveSync accounts, so work Exchange, Gmail, and Hotmail can all live and push together in beautiful, blasphemous, harmony).

If you try it out, let us know how it works for you.

[ via WMExperts]

Rene Ritchie

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  • I hope it isn't the paid version of Hotmail that will enable this.
    I definitely want this feature for my Live account :)
  • Someone with a smartphone still uses Hotmail ?
    Who knew?
  • Have you guys search for iPhone 4 on eBay? Holy crap some people are selling it for over $1,500 damn who would buy that lol
  • @Harold J
    It just needs time to find an idiot who buys this.
    Just lean back and look at the raising price.
    I think I'll try this with a neverlocked import model, too. :D
  • The only odd thing is that it has taken MS so long
  • i just set this up. it work very good. go to mail > other, enter your email address and password and press save. iphone will find mail settings. i will leave it like this for few days.
  • My Syracuse email is through Hotmail and it works like a charm...
  • You set it up as an Exchange account?
  • You could always use hotmail with apple Mail.........shouldn't you know this ?
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  • sweeeeeeeet..finally! is classic very first email address..*sigh
  • Exchange sync not working for me. POP3 of course works (always has). Maybe when it goes live.
  • Yea, Can't get it to work through Exchange & "Other"-option :-s
  • Mine isn't working either.. also, with the pop option, it doesnt show all my inbox emails previously, just gives me new ones... that sucks!
  • So you set it up in the iPhone as a "Other" account and change the settings or as a "Exchange" account?
    I already have Hotmail as an "Other" but of course it has no push.
  • Just tried it, and it's working so far
  • yeah call me stupid, its either not workign or i dont know what i'm doing LOL and yes, peeps still do use hotmail :D
  • Going back to comments on the original article (, it seems like hotmail addresses are often not working while live addresses are. I have a hotmail address and it's not working, for what it's worth. Will be nice when they officially turn it on for everyone. I still receive the occasional email on my hotmail account even though it's mostly dormant.
  • My Hotmail address has been working in my iPhone for a LONG time. But without PUSH.
    This article implies that PUSH functionality is now available. How? Anyone up to giving a short simple rundown of what is involved?
  • @19, you inactivate or delete your current hotmail mail account- it's not the right type of account. Then you add a new mail account, choosing Exchange as the type and enter your hotmail information and setting the server as when it prompts you for it. But it doesn't seem to be working yet for @hotmail addresses, just @live addresses. More details are in the original on
  • @ Dyvim: Thank you. That seems to be the missing bit of information.
    On a Side note I have a Exchange email account on my iPhone in addition to my Hotmail. When it loads PUSH'ed emails it seems to make mt Hotmail check as for new mail as well. Anytime I go from Wifi to 3G it loads all new mail without being prompted to do so as well.
  • I didn't even know Hotmail would work via the other option. I assume PUSH doesn't work then :/.
  • I had this working with my @live address last night, was working great for several hours then all of a sudden stopped, can't get to server
  • Update: My hotmail push works!
  • What is the maximum number of ActiveSync accounts that iOS4 will allow?
  • @HaroldJ Happens every Christmas with hot toys. Look at tickle me Elmo. Some people paid 5000,00 plus. It is crazy. There will be people that will buy the phone as nutty as the price is.
  • What settings do you need to add to use hotmail on iOS4? I've tried to set it up as exchange but no joy. Do I need to use the 'other' button? My gripe with that was no IMAP meaning nail wasn't delete on the web version
  • It doesnt work for me, i have a, does it only work with and my doesnt work either.
  • just tried setting it up with exchange and other and nothing happened. i have a account
  • Just tried this again and i got a little bit further this time. now the issue is that once it tries to load the mail, a popup comes up and says "password incorrect' even though ive logged in on everything else and it works fine..
  • I get the same "password incorrect" as Nave above, and my password is deff. correct. Really annoying.
  • Same problem here with my MSN and Hotmail accounts -- password is incorrect even though I know I'm typing it in correctly.
  • It work for me on near June 17, for about one day. Then, I get the password incorrect problem since.
  • I'm getting the password incorrect only on outbound email with my hotmail account now that I got an iPhone 4. I have no problem receiving mail. I never had this problem with my 3GS. This sucks.
  • Everything seems fine during the setup but when i try to received email : The connection to the server failed. im using a email.
  • When Microsoft have finished rolling out thew new Windows Live interface to ALL the hotmail & live users they will switch on push functionality for all. As at end of July 2010, 100 million accounts had been migrated. Not sure how many they have to do in total. Rest assured hotmail will have push facility by the end of the summer. Not long to wait!
  • Just to add some extra info as I've been waiting for this to be setup - just tried to setup again for the nth time (which didnt work) but received an email this time as follows:
    Hello RG,
    To get Hotmail on-the-go, you recently tried to set up a service called ActiveSync from your mobile device.
    We are really glad that you're interested, but we had so many sign-ups that we had to temporarily stop accepting new ones.
    We're making constant improvements and we should be accepting new requests fairly soon. Please check the following website in about two weeks to see what's happening:
    Thanks again for using Hotmail--we're really sorry about this delay.
    The Hotmail Team
  • Like RG I received an email exactly the same to his. I really want push for hotmail and not that crap POP3!
  • too frigging slow - they need this enabled now or time to switch providers
  • One trick is to set up a free gmail email acct which has push email enabled via Exchange server. You can then forward all email from your hotmail acct to your gmail acct... which gives you immidiate push email. I am using this configuration until MS offers up push email. OR... I just may stay with gmail..... starting to like the service and how it interacts with the iPhone's calendar, rss feeds, and contact list replication!
    Here's the instructions for gmail push email to iPhone;
  • My hotmail adress has been working until a week ago and now keeps saying the username or password for hotmail is incorrect alough it all works when I log in on the laptop.. I have deleted all the cookies and cache but it still says the same.. no sure what else to do.
  • Make sure your username is your email address. That should resolve the issue.
  • But gmail is horrible. Anything associated with google is horrible unless you want them tracking your every move, which they do and no - not everyone does it.
    So yes, we still use hotmail or Live accounts and love them if for no other reason than it isn't google.
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