Hour of Code is upon us! Here's how to get started!

Apple's Code.org-partnered Hour of Code workshops were a great success, helping those interested in development learn the basics in a friendly, welcoming way. But whether you went to a workshop and want more information or missed out and want to try coding, we've collected a few great resources for those who want to delve deeper.

To start, we recommend perusing Apple's iTunes collection, which includes apps, books, iTunes U courses, and podcasts — like our own Debug and Iterate. You can also check out material from Thursday's Hour of Code workshops on Code.org.

Outside of official programming, we have a few suggestions for those interested in iOS development, HTML/CSS, and the like. No matter how you begin, if you're interested in code, all that matters is that you do start. There's a big, beautiful world of apps out there, and one of them could be yours!



Others recommend...

We polled readers over on the @iMore Twitter account on what resources they've used and loved over the years; here's what they had to say (along with a bonus joke or two). Have a different book, course, or option you've found useful? Let us know in the comments!