How to add an ethernet jack to USB-C MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro USB-C Ports
MacBook Pro USB-C Ports (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

It's been some time since Apple built in an ethernet port to its MacBook Pro lineup. With the introduction of USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 to the MacBook lineup in 2016, adding ethernet and other ports back to your MacBook is easier than ever. Here's how you can add ethernet to your MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C.

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How to add ethernet to your USB-C MacBook Pro

  1. Acquire a USB-C-to-Ethernet adapter.
  2. Plug USB-C end of the adapter into your Mac.
  3. Plug ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the adapter.

Note that you might find that you need to download driver software for your adapter to work at its full capacity. If you purchased the adapter recommended in this guide, head to Anker's website to get the necessary driver.

Our top equipment picks

To add ethernet support to your MacBook Pro (or any Mac laptop from 2018 on), you'll just need a basic adapter.

Lightweight and compact, Anker's adapter features gigabit ethernet support and works not just with your MacBook Pro, but any other computing device with a USB-C port like a 2018 iPad Pro. It has three status LED indicators: red to indicate power is on, green when the ethernet cable is connected, and blue when it's connected to your network.

The modern MacBook Pro is thin and sleek, but it's had to sacrifice some ports to get there. The 13-inch models have two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, one of which you'll need to use for your ethernet adapter.

Additional Equipment

If you don't have a spare ethernet cable, you'll need to pick one up to make use of your new adapter.

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable ($6 at Amazon)

If you don't already have an ethernet cable, this 15-foot cable is available at a great price right now.

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