How do I get replacement parts for Deebot 900?

How do I get replacement parts for Deebot 900?

Ecovacs makes its replacement accessory kits available on Amazon

Replacement parts for the Deebot 900 are sold as a kit. Ecovacs, the company that makes the Deebot series of robotic vacuums, doesn't sell the kits directly, preferring instead to send customers to Amazon to get replacement parts.

What's in the kit?

The Ecovacs kit for the Deebot 900/901 features replacement parts for a number of elements on the vacuums. It features one main brush replacement, as that is the component you should need to replace the least often.

There are four side brush replacement units. The Deebot 900 runs with two side brushes at a time, meaning that this kit offers two full set replacements of those brushes. The pack also has three high-efficiency air filter replacement units for when your vacuum's filter has worn out.

One thing that isn't included in this kit is a battery. It would seem that Ecovacs doesn't want you replacing the battery on the Deebot 900 yourself. Battery replacement does appear to be covered under the warranty according to Ecovacs, as are other parts that aren't the brushes or filters.

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