How to get the Apple Watch Leather Loop look for less

Format: Shopping Enablement > Low Funnel [DELETE THIS]

Introduction to the collection. Product Name is something you can use here if you want to highlight something from the collection. Not always necessary, but a good way to insert your preference or if there is something you've seen that's popular in forums, Amazon, etc. This paragraph should summarize what you're going to show the reader and qualify what they can expect in the list.

LAYOUT SELECTION. You can choose from "rows right" (one column, image on the right), "rows left" (one column, image on the left), or "grid" (2-3 columns, depending on browser width), or "grid minimal" (the grid, but with only images and product names). Only use one style. Please don't forget to include a conclusion to your collection, regardless of the template chosen. Add your layout to the collection class (e.g. `


div class="grid minimal collection" markdown="1">. [DELETE THIS]

IMAGES. Preference is for PNGs or JPGs on white, cropped to the edge of the product. If no such image is available, upload and insert the full image and add fill to its classes. [DELETE THIS]

TKTKTKTK Summary. Here's where you provide a summary of what you've provided the reader and the benefit of using/selecting one of the products you've recommended. Example: These are the best cases we've found for the iPhone X and will help provide protection in the event of accidental drops. You can also use this to mention a personal favorite. When doing so, link the product name only. Example: If you're looking for a mix of style and protection, my favorite case is the UAG Monarch. TKTKTK

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