You can't deny that the Apple Watch Leather Loop is modern, fashionable, and quite striking for a watch band. But... expensive 😭.

Lucky for you, there are a few of options for picking up the Apple Watch Leather Loop look for much, much less.

M Goodees Smart Watch Band

If you're scared to pick up a knockoff Leather Loop watch band because you think the quality might be off, the band itself might not look right, and the look and feel might be, well, cheap, then you probably haven't seen the Smart Watch Band from M Goodees.

The band is made from a soft genuine leather and a magnetic closure, just like the original Apple Watch Leather Loop. You can easily adjust and fit the band to your wrist size if you have larger or smaller wrists.

With positive reviews online and nearly a 4-star rating, the Smart Watch Band from M Goodees is one Apple Watch Leather Loop knockoff to keep in mind. Plus, it's only around $19 - how great of a price is that?!

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Eagwell Genuine Leather Loop Strap Replacement Band

High-quality steel buckle? Check! Soft, premium leather? Check! Adjustable, strong magnetic closure? Check! A sharp, sleek, gray color option that works day and night? Check! Reasonable price? Check, check, check!

The EAGWELL Genuine Leather Loop Strap Replacement Band is a strap that looks, feels, and performs on your wrist just like the real thing.

Built to fit both Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 models, designed with a sweat-resistant, comfortable leather band, and easily secured and adjustable with a durable magnetic closure so as to ensure your Apple Watch doesn't fall off your wrist in the middle of the day, the Eagwell Genuine Leather Loop Strap Replacement Band is a knockoff worth looking into! (BTW, did we mention the one-year warranty?)

You can pick up your Eagwell Leather Loop Strap Watch Band in a sharp, modern gray color for around $21.

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Womail Genuine Leather Loop Strap

While paying full price for some items and accessories can ensure that something is high-quality, has a long product life, and is just simply something you can really rely on, picking up the Womail Genuine Leather Loop Strap instead of the Apple Watch Leather Loop might be a shortcut worth taking!

Fashioned from a soft, high-quality leather (so it's not the perfect gift for that vegan in your life!) that promises to be both comfortable and durable for day-to-day wear and tear, the Womail Genuine Leather Loop Strap is a well-priced band that can easily be adjusted and secured around your wrist.

Like all Apple Watch bands, the Womail is designed with lugs on both ends that can easily be removed and adjusted if you want to pick out another color to wear for the day.

You can pick up the Womail Genuine Leather Loop Strap for around $15 in blue, beige, black, and brown colors.

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What's your favorite Loop dupe?

Is there a knockoff Apple Watch Leather Loop that you simply cannot get enough of? Maybe one that we ultimately missed on our list?

Let us know your favorite Apple Watch Leather Loop dupe in the comments below and we'll be sure to check it out!

Updated August 2017: Removed all options on this list and added new ones for the best selections possible!

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