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St. Patrick's Day is coming up, so you know what that means: lots of green, tasty Irish food, and of course, booze. You can't have a St. Patrick's Day without green beer, right?

Whether green beer is your thing or not, you can celebrate with any kind of alcohol, but what if you want that booze delivered directly to you without having to leave the house? Don't worry; these apps will help you get your alcohol in just a few taps!


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We may know of Postmates as a great way to get food delivered directly to us, but did you know that they deliver alcohol too? If you search for "alcohol" in the app, you'll find the Postmates Drinks section, where you can order domestic and imported beer, wine, liquor, and all the other good stuff. There is a $3.99 delivery fee for Postmates Drinks, and it works in any area that already has Postmates service.

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Postmates delivers anything, including booze. Just shop for your favorite alcoholic beverages, pay, and wait for them to arrive at your doorstep.


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You may already be using Instacart to have groceries delivered right to your door. But Instacart can also deliver alcohol to you as well, as long as it's from select stores like BevMo! and Total Wine & More Delivery. As long as you're in an Instacart-serving city with one of these retailers close-by, then you can have your booze delivered along with the rest of your groceries.

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Instacart is great for getting groceries delivered, including all of your boozy needs.


SauceySource: Saucey Inc.

Saucey is an alcohol delivery app that is more geared towards romantic evenings, barbecues, or office events, but it can work for your St. Patrick's Day booze too. Saucey is based in Los Angeles, but it also services San Diego, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, and Chicago, with more locations coming soon. They have plenty of perks and promotions, including a private bartender for an hour with certain booze packages. Typical delivery is within 30 minutes. How cool would that be for St. Patrick's Day?

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Saucey is available in select cities. You can even get a private bartender for an hour with certain booze packages, heck yeah!


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Doordash is another service that we may already use for food takeout, but it's also great for drinks. As long as you're in a Doordash delivery area, you can check out the alcoholic offerings from nearby restaurants and even liquor stores. Find the place you want to order booze from, pick out your drinks, order it, and it'll be on its way. Standard delivery fees apply.

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Doordash is excellent for getting food delivery and BOOZE! You can always get some grub while getting your St. Patrick's Day beer delivered.


SwillSource: Swill

Swill bills itself as "the liquor store in your pocket," and that couldn't be more true. With Swill, you'll be able to browse the alcoholic offerings of many local merchants in the area who will provide you with fast and convenient delivery of your favorite beers, wines, liquor, and even mixers. Swill is available in 15 major cities and guarantees delivery in less than an hour. If it's available in your area, definitely give it a spin.

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Swill lets you shop from local merchants in your area and get your alcohol delivered in an hour or less.


Boxed alcohol optionsSource: iMore

Boxed is an excellent option for those who like to shop in bulk to stock up on the essentials. With Boxed, you can get all of your everyday essentials in bulk, including all of your boozy needs. Think about it: Boxed handles your booze supply in bulk, along with other party basics like chips, cups, hangover-cures, and more, all in one seamless process. Everything gets delivered to you in two days or less, there's free shipping on orders over $49, and alcohol delivery is available in California, New York, and Massachusetts. It's everything you could ask for.

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Boxed: Bulk Quality Essentials

Whether you need a bunch of toilet paper (because you can't find it anywhere) or booze, Boxed has your back.

Minibar Delivery

Minibar DeliverySource: Minibar

This app is basically a minibar for your pocket. Minibar Delivery has a slick interface that makes it a pleasure to peruse for your favorite beers, wines, spirits, mixers, and much more. It's available in over 40 cities nationwide, and there is also a rent-a-bartender option, in case you really want to spice up your St. Patrick's Day gathering. The app also offers drink recommendations based on the group size and format, so it's a party planner and booze delivery in one.

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Minibar Delivery

The slick interface is easy to use, and the service is available in over 40 cities. You can even rent a bartender if you need to really spruce up that St. Patrick's Day party.


DrizlySource: Drizly Inc.

Drizly is a startup that launched out of Boston, but it's now serving over 100 markets, including New York, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With Drizly, you'll find a sleek app that has a streamlined interface that's easy to use and setup. It's loaded with all of your favorite beers, wines, and spirits, and you'll get it all delivered within an hour or less.

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Drizly: Local Alcohol Delivery

You can shop the largest selection available right in Drizly, and get your favorite booze delivered in under 60 minutes.

Get your St. Patrick's Day on!

With these apps, you'll definitely be able to get some St. Patrick's Day booze (and maybe even food and other supplies) for your festivities without having to step foot outside! What a time to be alive, right? Just remember to drink responsibly.

What are your plans for St. Patrick's Day? Share your fun plans in the comments below!

March 2020: Updated for Saint Patrick's Day 2020.

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