How long does the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 battery last?

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How long does the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 battery last?

Best answer: The Boom 3 speaker from Ultimate Ears lasts up to 15 hours between charges. The company also has a special charger called the Power Up that lets you continue to use your speaker while it's charging. If you need more time with your Ultimate Ears speaker, there is an alternative worth considering.Amazon: Ultimate Ears Boom 3 ($150)Amazon: Ultimate Ears Power Up ($40)Amazon: Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 ($200)

Hours of entertainment

The Boom 3 portal speaker provides up to 15 hours of enjoyment on one charge. To maximize this time, be sure to turn the speaker off when not in use. Settings and environmental conditions can also affect battery life. If you need something with a longer battery life, you'll want to check out the larger Megaboom 3, which provides 20 hours between charges, but costs more (think of the Megaboom 3 as basically the Boom 3, but a little bit larger).

A brilliant choice

There are bigger speakers on the market, but for most folks, the Boom 3 is the one to get. Available in multiple colors, the Bluetooth speaker offers balanced 360-degree sound with deep bass. It's also water, dust, and drop-proof too.

Looking for more? You can play, pause and skip tracks right from the speaker. Additionally, you can create one-touch playlists in Apple Music or Deezer Premium via the Ultimate Ears app.

About that charger

The Power Up charger works with all of your current-generation Ultimate Ears speakers, including the Boom 3, Megaboom 3, Blast, and Megablast. With a convenient home base, the Power Up has been designed to remove those ugly charging cables that have long been associated with mobile devices. Sure you can't carry the speaker around with you, but you can keep the party going if you run out of juice.

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