Best answer: The UE Wonderboom is quoted to have a 10-hour battery, and in our personal experience, that estimate is accurate.

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Battery-life will vary

While the 10-hour quoted battery life is a reasonably accurate estimate from our personal experience of use on a regular basis, it's important to mention that your mileage may vary depending on how you use your UE Wonderboom.

Your settings, environment, and usage will all affect how many hours of listening time you'll experience. If you're blasting the Wonderboom at full volume (which is quite loud) all the time, you'll likely see a dip in battery performance.

The same can be said for being too far away from your Wonderboom, if your phone and the Wonderboom are struggling to stay pair over Bluetooth, you'll likely burn through the battery power al little faster.

Mind the temperature

One more thing that can severely impact battery life is temperature. Lithium-ion batteries don't function properly when they are too cold or too hot, so avoiding leaving the UE Wonderboom somewhere where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Our pick

UE Wonderboom

10-hour battery life

The UE Wonderboom is a compact, waterproof speaker that will keep you jamming out for about 10 hours straight, keeping your next party rocking and rolling.

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