How to replace a broken headphone jack in an iPhone 5

Have an iPhone 5 with a broken or jammed headphone jack? If you're within your warranty period, just head to your local Apple Store to swap your device for a new one. However, if your warranty has expired and you aren't ready for a new iPhone yet, we can help you DIY repair the headphone jack for a fraction of the cost. If you're experiencing crackling audio, no audio at all when headphones are plugged in, or if something's stuck in the headphone jack, this guide is for you. Follow along and we'll not only walk you through the repair step by step, but link you to all the parts and tools you need as well!

The headphone jack assembly on the iPhone 5 is actually part of the dock assembly. So in order to replace the headphone jack, you'll be replacing the actual Lightning dock as a whole. This means if you're experiencing any other issues such as finicky charging, those issues will be resolved as well.