How thick is the Fitbit Alta HR?

How thick is the Fitbit Alta HR?

Best Answer: The Fitbit Alta HR is 0.5 inches thick in depth, which is approximately 1.27 centimeters. The width of the band clocks in at 0.6 in, the length is about 1.6 in for the large size, and it weighs in at about 0.81 oz. The Alta HR is one of Fitbit's more slim offerings, and with those dimensions, it's easy to see why.Fitbit: Fitbit Alta HR ($100)

Wow, that's not thick at all! What else makes the Alta HR so great aside from being slim?

Yup, Fitbit has managed to take the size of the original Alta and include all of the same features, but with the addition of continuous heart rate monitoring with their PurePulse technology. Your heart rate data is displayed on the backlit OLED tap screen display, along with your daily step, calorie, and sleep goals.

Additionally, the Fitbit Alta HR can get notifications for your incoming calls, text, and calendar alerts (as long as they're properly set up) so that they show up on the display. However, you won't be able to answer calls or respond to text messages through the Alta HR itself, as that must be done on your phone.

What is Fitbit PurePulse?

Fitbit's PurePulse technology is what they call their fancy tech for 24/7 continuous heart rate monitoring. Basically, there is a bright green LED light that flashes continuously on the back of the tracker itself.

When you have the Alta HR, it should have a snug fit, so that the green LED light can shine and reflect off of your skin. This light detects changes in your blood flow, and the data is used to determine the number of beats per second. This is then converted to your heart rate.

The original Alta was impressive because it tracked all of the necessities while retaining a super slim and sleek form that doesn't scream fitness tracker. The Alta HR is great because it takes all of the things we love from the original Alta, and manages to pack in continuous heart rate monitoring, which is proving to be ever so useful these days.

You say the Alta HR's form factor doesn't scream fitness tracker. Can I use it as a fashion accessory?

Absolutely! The Alta HR lets users customize their fitness tracker with a variety of differently colored elastomer and leather bands from Fitbit. These official bands are about $30 for elastomer to $60 for leather, respectively, though you can find them for cheaper on sites like Amazon.

We've previously talked about how to change the bands on the Alta HR too, so we recommend giving that a look. And we have some recommendations on third-party replacement Alta HR bands too.

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