Pcalc Mac Big SurSource: TLA Systems

What you need to know

  • PCalc has received its big macOS Big Sur update.
  • It has a new widget that lives in the menu bar and can be detached.
  • There are tons of customization options as well.

Popular calculator app PCalc has received a big macOS Big Sur update that not only adds support for Apple's big software update but also makes the app even better than before. And that was no mean feat.

The new version 4.8 update brings one of the biggest quality of life improvements I've encountered of late, and I didn't even know I needed it – PCalc in my menu bar. I've been testing this update for a few weeks and it's surprisingly useful having a full calculator a click away, complete with ticker tape. Even better, you can drag PCalc out of your menu bar and put it anywhere on your screen.

Need the full PCalc experience? It's just a global hot key away.

Pcalc Calculator SkinsSource: TLA Systems

What's New

  • Added support for macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • The PCalc widget now lives in the menu bar, and is much more powerful:

  • The widget now fully supports keyboard shortcuts. You can use a hot key to open it, perform a calculation, and close it again all without a single click.

  • You can drag the widget off the menu bar and position it anywhere on screen.
  • You can show the ticker tape in the In widget.
  • There's an option to automatically clear the widget when opening it.
  • The widget now uses your chosen digit style from the main app.
  • The widget now supports undo and redo.
  • Added an option to use a global hot key to open the main PCalc application.
  • Added some new digit styles.
  • You can now press any of the keyboard shortcuts for "Clear" twice to perform an AC.

This updated version of PCalc is available as a free update for existing users. Everyone else can get in on the action for just $9.99 direct from the App Store now.

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