iBeacon is an indoor positioning system — think GPS, but inside buildings, stores, parks, etc. — that are designed to be low cost and ultra-low power and work with iOS 7) devices to provide directional, informational, and other services. Tied into Apple's existing Location Services like GPS, Wi-Fi mapping, and cell tower triangulation, iBeacon can detect when you approach or leave, and estimate your proximity. It can also be disabled in Settings: Privacy should you not want to make use of it.

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Examples of potential iBeacon services include describing products to shoppers on shelves, or alerting them to deals via push notification, guiding a hiker through a mountain trail, even if they have little or no vision, or helping a visitor find parking and get to the right office for a scheduled meeting. iBeacons are currently deployed in U.S. retail stores, as well as sports facilities and grocery stores.