Mosaic Phone ConceptSource: Louis Berger

What you need to know

  • Mosaic is a concept phone that's a bit like an iPhone mini.
  • Or an iPod turned into an iPhone, maybe?
  • Whatever it is, you're going to want one.

We've seen more than enough concepts in recent weeks but they all tend to revolve around what people think the iPhone 12 or another future iPhone might look like. This concept might also be what a future iPhone has to offer. But not for a long time!

Mosaic, spotted by Yanko Design, is the creation of Louis Berger and it's what you'd expect if the iPhone's camera unit was ripped out and turned into a phone of its own.

Content creation and sharing evolved to probably the most important functions of smartphones. Mosaic rethinks the smartphone camera as an independent & modular device.

Mosaic Phone Lanyard ConceptSource: Louis Berger

What you end up with is what Berger calls a Photo Tile, the camera that includes a small display, a processor, and a battery. Oh, and all the camera gubbins. That can then be added to by either attaching a screen or putting the Photo Tile into a Large Display Tile. That creates a package more akin to a traditional iPhone with a larger screen, more battery power, and a beefier processor.

The result is a modular phone that can be used as a lanyard or a traditional phone.

With necklaces & clothing clips, Mosaic aims at making your phone more wearable. A magnetic grip pad attaches to the back of the larger display tile to even out the z-height difference between the body and the camera module. 3rd party cases could turn the Mosaic Photo Tile into a rugged action camera etc.

Pretty cool, right? You can head over to Berger's full explanation of how all of this would work. Or just enjoy the awesome images they created. I'd love to see a future iPhone morph into something like this and who knows, maybe the Photo Tile could also be turned into a watch as well?

You can have that one for free, Apple.