Exploded iPhone SE on a tableSource: iFixit

What you need to know

  • iFixit has completed its iPhone SE teardown.
  • It's been given a repairability score of 6.
  • That glass back "impractical to replace".

Like all Apple releases, iPhone SE has been through the iFixit lab in the name of science. And to see how easily it can be repaired. Turns out, there's good news and bad news. Overall, iPhone SE gets a repairability score of 6.

As iFixit shares in its full post mortem, repairing the most common parts is fairly easy if you know what you're doing. That means batteries and screens can be repaired without too much trouble, although you'll need the right tools. And the knowledge to go with them.

iPhone SE with taptic engine removedSource: iFixit

iFixit also hits the nail on the head in terms of Apple's manufacturing process for iPhone SE – it's largely re-using parts and tools that it already had from iPhone 8.

We're pretty thrilled that Apple Frankensteined this phone together with parts from previous models. Replacement parts should be easier to find—and re-using the existing manufacturing lines produces less waste overall.

So what's the bad news? iFixit says that the "fragile glass back is impractical to replace" which isn't great news. Especially considering how often people manage to break them. As ever, we'd suggest considering AppleCare+ if you're someone prone to dropping – and obliterating – their phone.

You know who you are.