iFixit's new cases take you inside of your iPhone

What you need to know

  • iFixit today unveiled its new Insight Cases for the iPhone that take a look at its internals.
  • The cases print on a color or x-ray image of the iPhone's internals on to the back giving you a peek inside.
  • The cases are avaialable for every iPhone model dating back to the iPhone 6.

Looking get even deeper into your iPhone? iFixit has the perfect solution for you. The company better known for taking iPhones apart unveiled a new line of cases for Apple's popular smartphone called the Insight Case that takes you inside the iPhone, literally.

X-Ray vision has never been safer. These cases are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and protect your iPhone from drops, dings, dust, and more. The shock-absorbing technology prevents shattered screens, and the precise cutouts give you easy access to buttons, lightning port, and ringer switch. Each case comes in two options: a Color version, to show off the internal components as if you'd just lifted the screen, and an X-Ray version, which allows you to look straight through the back of your phone at what's inside.

When iFixit deep dives into the internals of a new iPhone, it always takes x-ray images and pictures of the internal component. Most fans found this amusing as they spend hundreds if not thousands of hours on their iPhones, but never take a look inside the aluminum or glass. Now they can with the new iFixit Insight case that prints out a color or x-ray image of an iPhone onto the back making it look like your phone is exposed.

The cases is now available for every iPhone model dating back to the iPhone 6. You can pick one up for $9.99 if you feel like showing off the internals of your iPhone.

Danny Zepeda