IK Multimedia's Safe Spacer looks like an Apple Watch and monitors social distancing

Safe Spacer From Ik Multimedia
Safe Spacer From Ik Multimedia (Image credit: IK Multimedia)

What you need to know

  • IK Multimedia's Safe Spacer is now available.
  • It's a discrete social distancing monitor.
  • It looks a lot like an Apple Watch and can alert users if they get too close together.

In May, we told you about IK Multimedia's Safe Spacer, a social distancing weaable with the discrete profile of an Apple Watch.

The Safe Spacer has now been released for pre-order and can be ordered for just $99.99 each.

If you don't know what the Safe Spacer is, it's a social distancing wearable designed to interact with other Safe Spacer devices to help people monitor and maintain social distancing. From IK Multimedia:

IK Multimedia's Safe Spacer is a lightweight wearable device that helps workers and visitors maintain safe social distancing, enabling factories, offices, museums, hotels and other workplaces and public spaces to operate with peace of mind. It now provides even more flexibility, giving small businesses a simple-yet-effective solution with more convenient ways to wear, charge and sync, as well as offering comprehensive integration options for large-scale enterprises using their own proprietary data systems.

The devices can be worn on a lanyard, belt loop, or on your wrist like a watch, and can detect other Safe Spacer units if they come within 2m using a visual or audio alarm. It uses Ultra-Wideband technology, so if far more accurate than Bluetooth. It's also water-resistant, and there's even an IP67 Waterproof version available too.

IK Multimedia also offers charging docks for multiple Safe Spacer units, and a wall-mounted S-Bridge which offers a fixed measuring point.

Made in Italy, the Safe Spacer is a great way to help businesses operate whilst encouraging social distancing. Not only is it a helpful tool in and of itself, but it's also a great reminder that big wearables companies like FitBit and Garmin, as well as tech companies like Apple, could do even more with their wearables to help people safe during COVID-19 and beyond.

The Safe Spacer is available now

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