IKEA just delayed HomeKit support for its smart lighting again

Unfortunately, you read right: according to German tech site SmartDroid, the update that will allow IKEA's TRÅDFRI smart lighting system to be used with Apple's Home app isn't functioning properly and is thus being delayed a second time while the company attempts to iron out the kinks.

IKEA first announced that it would add HomeKit compatibility to its TRÅDFRI collection back in May, and told customers support was ready for the first time on its Swedish Facebook page in August. However, the company later retracted the statement in an additional post:

There has been information going out today about the compatibility of TRÅDFRI. We can now inform you that TRÅDFRI is not yet compatible with Apple, Amazon and Google. The plan is that everything will work as we'd like this fall. We are very sorry for the confusion!

IKEA attempted to roll out the update a second time yesterday, but pulled it once again after many users reported difficulties while trying to connect the bulbs to the Home app. While IKEA representatives have since said the company hopes to resolve the issues as quickly as possible, this seriously sucks for customers who want to get into HomeKit but can't afford more expensive options like Philips and LIFX. A single TRÅDFRI bulb costs only $18, and a kit containing two bulbs, a hub, and a remote will only set you back $80.

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Tory Foulk

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